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In reference to this setting for a Group:

I am curious if setting the group age limit if that uses the user's age as recorded by RP Repository as the determining factor in user and character participation in a group. I would think it does but would like to have verification on this.

Also as a follow up question, if a group is originally set for a lower age but is later changed to a higher age, does that prevent any users and their characters who is below the new age limit from continuing to participate in the group? I was pondering raising the age limit of a group I run from 18+ to 21+ and was curious what the ramifications are for anyone who doesn't show age on their profile would be.

Edit: Nevermind, I found the help article on Group Age Restriction:


Editing again: Re the bold part:
Age restriction
To prevent receiving applications from anyone under a certain age, find the dropdown on this page labeled "Age restriction for joining" in the Member Restrictions section. Choose the minimum age that you want to require from the dropdown.

Save your changes.

If you already have members who do not meet your minimum age requirements, a link to remove them will appear underneath this setting after you save.

I have changed the age limit of a group from 18+ to 21+, and I know there are at least two inactive users in the group that have publicly-stated ages of less than 21 but over 18, and I do not get a link to remove them after I save the setting. I'll do a bug report as they should be flagged according to this statement in the Group Age Restriction statement.

Edit July 13th @11:30PM

This issue is currently being addressed by Kim in a bug report. Fix Implemented! Thanks Kim!

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