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Forums » Help » Segregating 18+ Content, But Charas Open to Both?

While restructuring my character profiles today, I noticed there was one problem I hadn't addressed with my layout so far. Namely clarifying when a non-18+ action can be construed in an 18+ context.

Sometimes the recurring action just a conflict driver and doesn't play into any sort of intimacy (or twisting thereof). But it isn't sex nor is the action intended to be viewed through those lenses. Other times it does conflate intimacy (and is construed through the character's eyes as such) and thus needs to be marked appropriately.

What's the correct way to handle these cases?

Right now I've marked the characters affected by this with both the violence and sexual themes box as a pre-emptive safety measure. But they're also characters I've used for story-heavy roleplays that didn't depend on said intimacy elements being prevalent.
I don't fully get what you mean, but it sounds like a job for the "specific content warning" box. Maybe?
ShadowKyogre Topic Starter

Hm. Like a warning that says the following?
"$(trouble content) has SFW and NSFW contexts. See NSFW page for NSFW applications."

A few examples I'm working with include...
  • A normally neighborhood friendly dragon has trouble reconciling her need to feed with her love for all things living and nonliving, especially in times of peace and low crime. Serves primarily as a conflict driver, but can easily be toggled off by placing a potential RP past the usual feeding cycle.

    "Vore has SFW and NSFW contexts, but mostly is SFW. See NSFW page for NSFW applications."
  • A hardcore traditionalist dragon, who remembers their duty to safeguard nature, leans into the monstrous Western dragon stereotypes when doing their job of rebalancing ecosystems. Also a conflict driver, but the character in question sometimes delves a little too hard into the charade and goes overboard.

    Thus the template warning would read, "Vore has SFW and NSFW contexts, but mostly NSFW contexts. See NSFW page for NSFW applications."
  • A phoenix burning themselves to reincarnate isn't NSFW. But a phoenix asking their lover or friend to burn them to help facilitate reincarnation could risk going there.

    Thus the template warning would read, "Self-Immolation has SFW and NSFW contexts. See NSFW page for NSFW applications."
Sanne Moderator

Hi! I think there might be a bit of a misunderstanding on what the warning tags are for?

The warning tags are for the content that is present on the profile itself. They're not to indicate the character is willing to engage in sexual themes, violent themes, or swearing. Saying your character would engage in said content is not something we typically flag, unless the description of that goes into thorough detail.

It doesn't require a flag to say "Is likely to engage in content that is considered sexual, violent or contains coarse language".

It does require a flag to vividly describe the content mentioned, whether through writing or imagery.

However, any description of this anywhere on the profile requires a profile-wide tag, because it's very easy to link to a NSFW page without the person knowing which page they're being brought to. The comfort of the community comes first in this case. I also don't think this is something we would be able to effectively moderate without having to review every profile page by page to figure out which fall under this tag and which don't. That sounds pretty exhausting if I'm being honest, and also largely unmanageable given how often profiles are updated, changed, and have content moved around.

Edit: I also want to reassure you that it's common for characters flagged with sexual, violent or coarse language warnings to engage in RPs that don't feature these aspects. Saying "this content exists on this profile" does not by default mean "I only roleplay this content"! :)
ShadowKyogre Topic Starter

That clarifies how to handle these scenarios. I'll keep the flags for profiles on for now since I don't know how vividly I'd go with my descriptions yet.

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