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Hello! I’m looking for a literate, multi-paragraph writer to start a long term rp with. I love to do action/adventure stories with a slow burn romance brewing in the background (but this comes second to the main plot, more like small moments sprinkled throughout rather than the entire store. This is subject to change if you wish!) I am looking for someone willing to play an M for any of these prompts below (or something else you have in mind! If none appeal to you, we can come up with an entirely new one as well :))


1. (In this prompt, you can play either the prototype or the scientist!)
This RP will be set in the distant future. Technology has rapidly advanced and the government has been working on being able to create creatures that are genetically identical to humans, but are implanted with something that allows them to be remotely controlled. The initial goal was to use these “not so real humans” as spies, so that their deaths wouldn’t entirely… matter. The leading scientist of the cause realizes how motives of the people around them have shifted, into being able to use the sentient humans/robots for free labor to make the rich richer. The scientist, working on the final prototype, ends up trying to pull the plug on the whole thing. However, the prototype stumbles out of the glass case, confused about what world it’s been brought into. The scientist leaves their life behind to run away with the prototype, hoping to save the world in the process, knowing their life will be in grave danger if they are caught.

2. (You can play either character here as well!) A pirate downing a drink is approached by royalty at a scummy bar, a bag of gold in hand as they beg for passage on their ship. The reason is up to you, whether it just be the restlessness of being locked up all day, to an impending arranged marriage, the possibilities are endless! How does the pirate respond?

3. After returning home from a long day of work, all you want to do is lay down. However, how do you respond when someone in iron-age clothing shatters through your window, claiming that you have to go on a time-traveling mission with them, and the world depends on it?

Again, these are just a few ideas spiraling through my head, nothing is set in stone! If there’s anything you’d like to change or any of your own ideas you’d want to look into, let me know!! Thank you all :)

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

hey wanna try prompt 1 with me?

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