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This RP is open and recruiting. If interested, pm me and tell who you wish to play as main character of the game.

Open until suitable player is found
GM for rp (played by Tjogs) Topic Starter

Year 3071, new era. September 6, 08:32 AM
Planet Idoka, Autonomous Region of Urda, Tujell City
Private Urdan military corporation QP training Center

The outdoor training area was perhaps 3300 meters long and 2400 wide and held great amount of abandoned houses and mixed constructs. During the years people had dragged there all kinds of possible material for practice starting with children playground structures, cars and ending to shot down cargo plane wreck. Hanazuki was training here together with his pair, also sec lt Matt Waltran for a tactical strike to enemy field communications center. Both of their training was on the finals and soon they will be assigned as professional high tech mercenaries or spies for Urda government or perhaps even a well-paying Gorestian corporation. All they knew was that one important test “The Final Exam” was still ahead and for their unit it was one of the most dreaded tests any man or woman can be assigned.
Those who will pass it will the the top elite unit of QP.

Only one team before them had completed this training. They worked somewhere in planet Gorest Prime in top secret missions and their leader was legendary spy and commando, not known by any other name but her callsing: QUEEN.

Urda Autonomous Region and neither their government wasn’t allowed to have military like Peoples Republic of Idra had. Instead they were allowed to purchase similar services from private corporations. Urdan government however had found interesting loophole here that allowed them to upkeep a privatized military corporation that got most of its funding from government, yet stood independent by decision making. Quarter Protect or QP was indeed in many ways a private army of Urda. Officially QP was classified as par They had all in silence and partially from the watching eyes of Peoples Republic built a considerable military and technological power.
They had several military bases across the half planet size region of Urda. In its Capital city of Tujell they had their own HQ and biggest training ground. 3000 kilometers to southwest. Deep inside mountainous regions they had also built a huge airbase and the maximum security prison with reputation of the hardest place to escape in whole known space. What Idra didn’t knew was that under this prison was located also their secret research facility, the Troll Cave.

Idras kept their Urdan minority as sort of a second class citizen that were allowed to have their own region but in many cases Urdans did most the hard, dirty or otherwise unpleasant works that Idrans didn’t liked, bothered or wished to do themselves. Idrans had overall made system to keep themselves up and others on their knees around them. According to Urdans some full of themselves politicians called this as a freedom but in Idra there really was just party to vote: Unified Idra.

"One Country, One nation, One people, One Idra." That’s their saying and they both knew that oh so well and hated that quote as much.

Perhaps because of the careful secrecy of Urda Idrans didn’t kept them any way dangerous people or ethnic group. Urdans liked to promote political stability, protected their citizen with private funded military, and provided lots of valuable educated midlevel workforce to Idra.
They were also partially more advanced in scientific and military development compared to Peoples Republic but where QP was highly developed and flexible, The republic Military was by no question the top military might in all known space.

If there had been those ready to challenge Idra for their position, then after the war in Syyran Cluster and annexation of Biitran around 200 years ago silenced those thoughts against the mighty fleets and the sheer numbers of troops who were able to cover entire cities or rebelling colonies under them. This why Urdans kept their mouths tightly shut and just smiled to ruling government of Idra. Still under everyone's hearts was a silent wish no one dared to say loud. Independence

Hanazuki Mulchand and Matt Waltran moved from roof to roof with their makeshift ladder construct.
Their target was 4 buildings ahead of this street on the right.
Under Matts watch Hanazuki threw the ladders to other roof.
Both of them were lightly armed but carried lots of special equipment in compensation. Because the operation must proceed in all silence both heads of ladders were equipped with cushioning pads eliminating all kinds of sounds and to be sure Hanazuki used a rope to the next roof.

They arrived to last house before their target. Matt rushed to check the roof and peeked over the edge before pulling himself quickly back to cover pointing twice his rifle back towards the ground.
The signal meant light threat. Hanazuki quickly pulled ladder to the roof and followed matt crouching.
As she was approaching Matt lifted his rifle horizontally front of his face and rolled it like lever supporting the magazine by his hand and finally tilted gun twice. "Heavy APC with turret on its roof."

Hanazuki carried the ladder to the other end of the roof. The APC that Matt had mentioned stood at the corner of crossroads but luckily to the two of them, they were behind of it. Matt opened the aiming assistant of his rifle and pointed it towards the person manning the roof gun.

APC was armor covered except the medium machine gun turret on the middle of the roof. It was widely used in Idra army ”Pucija-F54” model designed against infantry and light vehicles and helicopters. Front of the turret was covered by armor plating but the gunners back was open.

In exercises QP used laser pointers and sensor plates. If soldier was hit by laser his combat vest started to beep. Also rocket launchers and bazookas were used. Those shot light emitting smoke grenades and were equipped by sound emitters to enhance the reality feeling.
Vehicles weren’t been able to ”destroy” in exercise otherwise than eliminating the whole crew or by heavier weapons. Like normal soldiers Hanazuki and Matt too used only blanks together with lasers but in real situations they would be using mufflers.

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