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Hey guys! I use ambient noises/ASMR/in-universe music to help me write, a lot of the time, whether it's guqin practice for my Chinese qi cultivators or Goodnight Moon's 1920s party atmosphere videos for my Marvel Universe time travel story. They're really helpful and soothing and just seem to do a lovely job of blocking out distracting noises and adding in some things that assist me in remembering details. Do you do this, do you have any favorites, would you like to ask fellow creators for their recommendations? This is the thread for you if that's the case!

I personally enjoy GibiASMR videos for ideas (character portrayal and personal traits, tone for conversation, and the textures of the objects she taps on), and Goodnight Moon videos for ambience and immediate reminders of small stuff that exists in the universe that I'm writing (be it glassware clinking in the background, gossip and rumors and myths being widespread, or just glancing over at the screen to see a charming color palette to inspire a character's dress). I also love rain noises and people's D&D playlists, lol, they make great adventuring music and have interludes, oftentimes, that allow my mind to relax after being pumped up for a tense scene.

Sorry for rambling for too long! I got excited! But if you have any recs for me I'd love to see and hear them. Visuals are also great as it's been a long time since I got on a Tumblr page that had posters / moodboards for a fandom I'm in. Thank you!
When I play my fantasy characters, I usually pop up a YouTube video and put on a loop of an Elder Scrolls theme like Morrowind or Oblivion. For other characters, like Superion, require different music and usually of the superhero variety.

I like your choices, Shiny. ^_^
Shinyrainbowlithogra Topic Starter

Ooh, that's a nice choice yourself. I loved some of the music from Skyrim but I don't remember a lot of it, and I recall a little of Morrowind's tunes. <3

I forgot to post before, but this site has a few nice tabletop themes. I loved the town market one, I don't know if it's still on there or not. There were carriage sounds and stuff as well as sort of video-game-bazaar music 🎡🎢🎡
You should try them out, they are awesome themes. :D

Ohhh, thanks for the link! I'll save that! ^_^
Shinyrainbowlithogra Topic Starter

Then I will, thank you. I should also maybe try Elden Ring with the sound up. LOL

My pleasure! Some of the themes on there are pay to listen only, I think, but there are plenty free ones.

I'm probably gonna come up with a Halloween playlist soon, too. You thinking of doing a thread this year? πŸ‘€(⁠◍⁠‒⁠ᴗ⁠‒⁠◍⁠)
A thread of what?
Shinyrainbowlithogra Topic Starter

Uh, Halloween event. I forgot you're newer so you probably haven't been here on Halloween before, but there's a great roleplaying event that allows you to set up a thread for other trick or treater roleplayers, or just trick or treat other threads (my alien asks for some of this sucrose substance, my robot dog wags his tail and reconnoiters your Halloween party, etc.), and you can get accolades for your profile at the end of the month or event. :D
Ahhh. Sounds fun! Yeah, I probably won't start a thread since I am so new. May or may not participate. :D

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