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Gina Fields (played by Ersa93)

The tall red alien in the uniform of the station security guards stood in front of the docking bay doors as they opened. He didn’t bother to remove the toothpick that he chewed on as he observed the being that exited.

“Fuurin Su’teka, right?” The toothpick moved to the other side of his mouth. “I’m Chief Tanak, head of security. I’m here to escort you to Fields’s quarters. She would’ve come herself, but we’re trying to keep the extent of Enkidu’s injuries quiet just a while longer. If anyone saw her meeting a complete stranger with the bug around, it’d make them suspicious.”

Tanak removed the toothpick and flicked it into a nearby disposal unit. “Follow me. It’s just an elevator ride up to her floor.”
He walked to the elevators and pressed the correct button, all without making sure the other was following him.

“So, any questions about the job or Fields?”

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