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I recall that they had posted during, or near to, some event a few years back; the thread was an RP involving horse racing, if I recall, and it was very well written - sort of a desert pirates thing, I think. There was a group related to the thread, but it was adult-only and I didn't feel comfortable joining it at the time. They also seemed to have pretty strict rules, so for a casual roleplayers it was a lot at the time. I believe it was a large group with a lot of strong world building the creator user had planned to make into a book, but I don't remember what it was called. I think there were apostrophes in the title? XD Anyway, if anyone could remind me of what it was called or suggest something with a lot of worldbuilding I could look at (besides Auruta, I've been there), I'd be obliged to take a good look if I get some assistance. Thank you!

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You are on: Forums » RP Discussion » Looking for a certain RP group?

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