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The following are three pictures of one of my fantasy OCs, Rajen Miu-Sarii. I've only drawn her three times digitally, and the three will range from oldest to newest (newest being just completed last night).

First digital drawing of Rajen. I liked it a lot when I drew it but not anymore, so you're lucky I have the guts to show it to you guys ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

A more recent drawing. Maybe drawn about a half a month or a month ago. I still really like it and it's still pretty close to my style now, just a few differences

The drawing I finished last night. I am extremely proud of this at the moment because I didn't have a reference for the outfit, colours, or anything. And I also just love the way I did her hair.

This is just within a span of... approximately 3 months! :D

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