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After spending a thousand years in a magical yet petrified state : creatures known as gargoyles that turn to stone during the day are reawakened in modern day New York City. These gargoyles who've been spirited away from midieval Scotland are now the city's night time protectors. Join Goliath, Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway on their nocturnal adventures.

All was not well in The City That Never Sleeps. Deep in the piss-stained alleyways of the Bronx, hidden behind piles of deli trash containers and the occasional subway rat afterparty, something from another universe had unfortunately manifested. Something enormous and grotesque; at least eleven feet fully upright, shaped like what Earthly residents would call a 'werewolf'.. which had survived an apocalypse and lived to tell the tale. Except that Clickjaw wasn't much for talking. Completely idle and flabbergasted by its sudden awakening in a brave new world, it sat squatted between the trash cans, its never-ending stare fixated on the sky that glistened at them above the rooftops. Open air. That was where it had to go.

The glowing green tumor that had engulfed Clickjaw's gut throbbed with eagerness as it crawled from its fetal position and scaled the nearest building, sending jolts of pain throughout the malformed Therion's body. For a chance, it hadn't been Him that had caused this drastic change, and that excited Him to no end. This was a new world, untouched by His influence.. with, judging by the smells, plenty of living things to feast on.

Its unhinged jaws dangling from its skull, Click finally slung its body over the ledge of the building, standing up on its hind legs to get a better view of its surroundings. Not that its eyes really worked, but allowing the stream of smog-tainted wind to glide past its skeletal nose-holes was plenty to give it an overview of the city around them. Humans in every building, packed together like cultists around their shrine. Perfect for an easy hunt. Everything, anything that would cool off the burning hunger in its gut for a few minutes. They'd better get started..

..except that they couldn't, not yet. Clickjaw's cold, lifeless ears flicked back when it sensed something nearby. He sensed them too. Despite being unfamiliar with entities that did not have a regular mortal's life force, they could tell that they weren't alone on this rooftop tonight.

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