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Roxas Atlas was born in Tokyo, Japan on Dec. 15 2004. He was an intelligent and athletic boy from grade school all the way to high school. After a week from his high school graduation, Roxas received a letter in the mail that tells him that he was one of the selected few to participate in a special program. This intrigued the boy as he wanted to se this special program.

When he arrived, he saw other boys and girls at his age that has been select for this special program as well. A person walked up to Roxas and handed him the uniform that everyone else was wearing and he went to change into the uniform and he was surprised that the uniform fits him well. Over the past couple of weeks, more and more of the other candidates started to drop out of the trials, but not Roxas. He continues to push through until there was just two: himself and another boy who looked more physically fit than him. The only trial left was an interview. Roxas thought that they would choose the other boy instead of him, but he was wrong. When the interviewer as the other boy about what does in his free time, they passed him off as he wasn't what they were looking for. Roxas answered with watching anime and playing video games, he was the one they were looking for.

Roxas has learned that a special agency has be created to protect anime and video game worlds. He has been given special energy powers to use in order to protect these universes. Roxas has saved a lot of these worlds and has made many friends and allies along the way.

Little did he know that something darker and sinister was looking to conquer these worlds and destroy anyone that gets in their way.


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