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LeMarcus Warner (played anonymously)


The purple, neon lights on the front of the pub are flickering and going out for short periods of time, but not just the whole sign; specific letters, that caused Hello There to be Hell Here, which added to the aesthetic.

The glass door was open, the handle held by a walking cane. Upon walking into the Pub, neon lights and a hazy vapor covered the whole place, the smell of various alcoholic drinks, liquors and straight-up vodka. Poker chips clattered across the table, chairs and tables made noise as they were moved, sat on or put hands on. Many people were there, talking to their friends.

The counter had bar stools lined up and there was a beautiful display of bottles of alcohol on the other side of the counter, and also a very handsome, dark-skinned man with red demonic eyes, pointy teeth, gold piercings in his lip and his nose, and wearing a rich black tuxedo.

"Hello there, welcome." He said calmly with such a voice that could cause someone to get lost in a trance.

"What can I do for you tonight?" He leaned his elbows on the counter and flashed a devilish grin.

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Raziel Steven Davis (played anonymously)

The pub was rather empty when Raziel entered, ragged and exhausted from the road. Pulling his dark brown carhart jacket off, he mad his way to one of the many stools lining the bar itself. He'd laid the jacket across it before sitting down.

He crossed his arms upon the surface he sat before, his dirty blond hair falling over his multicolored eyes and freckled cheeks, as he took a deep breath.

"Captain Morgan's and coke?"

He asked in a soft yet deep voice, holding a thick southern accent.
LeMarcus Warner (played anonymously) Topic Starter

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LeMarcus looked the dirty-blonde up and down before replying, "Ah, of course." He went off to prepare the order for him and once finished, he came back and set it in-front of Raziel gently, on the counter. "Set the money in the jar there when you're done." LeMarcus peered his gaze to a clear jar with a label that said; MONEY in big, purple marker letters.

LeMarcus grabbed a empty glass and a wet rag, and began cleaning it, his pointy teeth perking out from the bottom of his upper lip, his gold nose ring and lip ring reflecting its' gold shine onto the glass.

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Raziel Steven Davis (played anonymously)

The 'boy', as other still called him though technically he'd experienced endless lifetimes, went ahead and placed his money in the jar up front, lest he forget later. He put enough in it to cover his current drink and several more. The hunter didn't plan on leaving the bar soon.

It was as he took his first sip of the drink when he noticed the....odd....features of the barkeep. He eyed the man through strands of dirty gold, trying to place those features to things he knew. Vampire? A possibility if this one was a fan of showing his second row of teeth constantly. The only 'demon' he knew with red eyes was Crowley, wo was unique as all others had black eyes. Raziel shook his head slightly before taking another drink, he wasn't worried about that now.

He'd just finished a hunt and now just wanted a few days rest. As far as he knew, the being before him wasn't a killer, and he only hunted the killers.

But otherwise, the hunter, who honestly looked no more than 18 to the untrained eye, said nothing more. He was, in all honesty, rather shy in a social setting.
LeMarcus Warner (played anonymously) Topic Starter

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Peering at the jar that was overfilled by the boy made LeMarcus realize that this guy would here quite a while, not that he mind, as that just meant more business. "Look tired. How's your day been?" He set the clean glass down on the shelf and leaned down, attempting to make eye-contact with Raziel. "If you're not tired, you sure do look it." He added, "Not in a bad way though, not your appearance. Just in the eyes, they look exhausted. I can tell." He elaborated, tapping his sharp, golden nails on the counter as he spoke.
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Raziel Steven Davis (played anonymously)

He let out a light, breathy noise. Not really a scoff, but it was the closest comparison. Exhausted was an understatement.

"Long drive."

He said simply, in that soft, shy voice of his. It wasn't a lie, he'd been on the road for well over a day without a break. But it left out...well...a majority of the reason behind that aged, tired look in his eyes. Eyes that had certainly seen things. Things no normal person could even comprehend.

"Just need a break..."

He said, gesturing to the glass he was drinking from, saying without words that he needed a break from more than just driving at the moment.
LeMarcus Warner (played anonymously) Topic Starter

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LeMarcus pursed his lips into an O-shape as he stood back up straight, no longer leaning on the counter. "Understandable." He said in his low, handsome voice. "Though I may be taking this job of being an employee at this pub, I admit, taking a break from my original job at the Casino is awfully nice." LeMarcus said, almost as if he was talking to himself.

"Casino's going through heavy renovation, all usual, non-construction worker employees are laid off until further notice. Including me." LeMarcus ran his finger against his golden lip ring softly as he spoke.

"Guess you could say I'm just a workaholic." He smirked a bit.
Raziel Steven Davis (played anonymously)

"I know the feeling."

He, of course, was referring to the workaholic statement. He'd only been 'on earth' for 18 years, the other 3000 was spent in Hell. In legal eyes he was barely an adult, and thus had never held a legal job. Though he'd never looked for one, being what most call a 'monster hunter' after all. He got his money other way.

"...all I've been doing the past year I've been back is work...keeps the mind occupied."
LeMarcus Warner (played anonymously) Topic Starter

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LeMarcus muttered something about his boss, but didn't really say it loud enough to be heard.

"Definitely keeps the mind occupied, agreein' with that." He nodded, his black dreads bouncing...
He stayed turned, his back facing Raziel for the longest time, before he turned his head and his head only.

"You're not from around here, are you?" LeMarcus said with a friendly stare and grin that both gave an eerie vibe.
Raziel Steven Davis (played anonymously)


Came the short response, figuring the man was asking due to Raziel's accent. He'd actually been born in Oklahoma, and then raised in Texas.

"Grew up there, then...took a vacation...for 'bout 3 years, been traveling the countrysince getting back."

He made it sound like he took a trip overseas. He knew he'd be looked at like he was crazy if he mentioned his stint in a very special Cage in hell, where 1 earth year equated to 1000 years there.

"If you got a steady job, guessingyou don't get around much?"

He asked, innocently enough as he downed the last bit of his drunk, though would wait for a moment where he could politely ask for another.

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