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Is this a feature I am unaware of, or one that has been suggested in the past and found un-necessary? It seems like it would be a useful one-The ability to 'share' a character with another person. As in, both people can make edits to the profile, it presents on both their profiles, they can both post as the character. For editing the profile, it could go into a 'proposal mode' for the other owner, who has to view the proposed changes to the profile and approve them or otherwise tweak them and send them back to the other user for approval.

MY main use for this feature would be the ability to create 'Side characters of SoAndSo Story' For my long term RPs, where me and my partner can both add our small supporting roles that aren't important enough for a profile itself, and aren't permanent enough to be added to the parent character profiles.

Another use could be for Group RPs, 'SoAndSo RP characters', all three or five or seven site users can have a single page on a profile to add information to their character, so there is only one profile to have open in another window for reference while working.
it's been brought up multiple times and the answer has been a big fat "N O" every time. logistical nightmare for the server aside, what do you do when people with shared characters start beefing with each other? who owns the character? the profile? the art? how are slots handled? what if one member is epic but the other isn't? the list goes on

typically if there's a social feature you can think of that sounds good but hasn't been added yet, its rejection can be boiled down to "too much drama and not enough benefit. if it can be abused, it will"
Claine Moderator

I agree with Saturninum, I think ownership debates would make this really difficult. And there's also the problem of users not being sure who is piloting the character in RP. (Even on anon characters you can be certain there's only one person writing them even if you don't know exactly who it is)

You might be able to replicate a lot of your desires with a group. You could either give multiple members mod privileges so everyone could edit all the pages. Alternatively you could implement some kind of approval process where one user posts their proposed changes in a forum thread and the group owner checks them and manually updates the group pages.

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