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Kris Dreemurr (played anonymously)

It had happened again. One of those rifts that opened in time and space, bringing characters from throughout the omniverse to one place... And not even for some great and noble purpose, world-saving prophecy or exciting quest. No, fate had brought them together for one reason: to hang out.
Of course, the rift would also let them back out if they didn't want to be here. And back in again if they changed their mind.
This was a place where anything could happen. Friends and enemies could be made, adventures could unfold, and memories could be collected.
The starting point for anyone who entered through the rift was a large room, scattered with chairs, couches, cushions, and tables. Large windows provided ample lighting, as well as showcasing the view of large grassy fields outside, a forest creeping along the edges and a little stream that meandered through the grass and into the distant trees. What was beyond that was uncertain, but if anyone chose to explore it, there could be anything their imagination conjured up.
A few doors lead off in different directions. Two were ajar, the first heading outside while a kitchen could be seen through the second. The rest of the doors, like the outside forest, could lead to anything one thought up... Probably.
Kris was the first person here. They were relatively unfazed, because this was not the first time they had been transported to a strange new place. They held their phone in one hand, tapping away as they half-watched the area for new arrivals. This would be boring if no-one else showed up, but at least they had a lot of games downloaded if they ended up being alone here...
((Hello! So this is an open RP where anyone can come and go whenever they want. You may use any character(s) you'd like, whether they're canon characters, fandom OCs, or just plain old OCs. There are a few rules, though:
1. Please put a bit of effort into writing your posts. They don't have to be too long, just more than a one word or one line response, with your very best effort in proper grammar.
2. Don't join to antagonize people. Your character doesn't have to be a ray of sunshine, but there's no reason to try to make other people miserable on purpose.
3. Don't bring up things that'll be likely to make people uncomfortable (self h*rm, su*c*de, drugs, etc.) A bit of fighting is fine as long as all parties involved are fine with it, but no extreme violence. And, obviously, nothing that goes against the sight rules. This is a public topic, so keep things PG-13.
If you break the rules I'm gonna know and I'm gonna gently yeet you back through the rift forever :)
And that's it. Feel free to jump in, anyone.))
Raziel Steven Davis (played anonymously)

One of the closed doors would suddenly burst open, giving a glimpse to the room it momentarily connected to. A dark place with monstrous sounds. Through the door stumbled back a very bedraggled "boy". He stumbled and fell backwards as the door closed, the machete that was in his hand clattering as it slid across the floor.

He was quick to get back to his feet, retrieving his blade and going back to the same door. He threw it open, only to find something that seemed to confuse him. Rather than the abandoned barn he'd just come from, the door opened to a closet. The tall male closed the door, and opened it back up, but a closet it remained.

“Woah, the h*ll is this?”

There was a voice, muffled, outside of another door. The knob turned, and a woman sporting short blonde hair tipped forward, almost falling. From where she was from was a corridor, all grey, lined with mahogany doors. She released the knob. The door closed of its own volition.

The woman blinked, looking at the floor, before she stood. She noticed Raziel beside her as well as his confusion. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked toward Kris.

Looking past Kris, her expression softened as she noticed the room.

“Woah. The h*ll… is this?”

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