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Dominick (played by Varian)

This is Dominick! I wanted to get some advice on how to flesh out his character and profile. :)
All you need to know is on his profile! <3

He's a Tangled: The Series OC, but since it's an AU, you don't need to know much about TTS at all to give advice. :)
Disclaimer that I have no clue about TTS so I'm sorry if anything I say here isn't relevant haha.

I like the idea of him so far! Though, I'm curious about this cult. My first thought was why did they take him in - seeing something in him, perhaps? I can understand why he joined, at least insofar as losing family and probably being lonely; a likely target, I reckon, if they went the "we're a family" route.

So, do they plan to 'groom' him to play a specific part in it? What are their overarching goals; do they plan to bring about the return of their - what I assume they treat as a deity? I imagine it's fairly sinister either way haha.

Then I wonder: how has all of that affected Dominick? A lot of trauma to go through at a young age, and even at 21 he'd still be malleable I'm sure!

My main two questions are:

Did seeing his father killed for theft change his own moral compass in any way, and does that affect how he sees the law, or people in general - and so, do the cult play on this to keep him there, or does he genuinely believe in what their goal is?

And - how has being in the cult affected him, and how he acts? Is he quiet by nature, or more shrewd and is just keeping quiet to curry their favour? ☺️ What are his goals with them?

Sorry if these weren't particularly helpful avenues, haha. I always seem to lean more into questions when it comes to character feedback, but I hope it helps a bit! Overall, though, I think he's a solid character with a lot to build on, and I think he sounds very interesting!
Dominick (played by Varian) Topic Starter

Honestly, I'd respond but my brain is really scrambled this morning so I'll just let you know later through his profile maybe. XD

These are good questions and I'll take the advice of explaining his story of the Zhan Tirian Cult more. :)

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