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I've wanted to do a cyberpunk rp but couldnt find one on here so if your either wanna 1 on 1 rp or a group rp i would like to hear any ideas anyone has for a story

The (setting/synopsis?):
Happy new year night city! Your main man stan here! My dear listeners i will be honest with you i hope 2079 goes better than '78. Especially since the ncpd has been scraping up cyberpsychos left and right! Which reminds me! Y'know after one lone individual stormed arasaka tower an anonymous source told me that a cyberpsycho walked right through arasakas front door and blew those corpos to high hell! I swear the corporation still struggles til today but luck has it arasaka seems its gaining its footing just like in 2023 but the corporation has now gained more power than ever before making militech look like complete fools even funding the Ncpd and now requiring all officers to sport cyberware and a free upgrade to all truama team members to a new faster and more reliable system called "trauma team maximum" and MAXTAC!? Don't even get me started on Maxtac. if your looking for a safe investment you can never go wrong with arasaka! But rumor has it militech bit back and took out an arasaka av coming straight from tokyo making them lose a whole heap of new prototype cyberware. If an arasaka family member was on that av then you can bet your eddies theres another corporate war on the horizon!.

Is it a mirage? A hologram? No my dear listeners its a new year and to that i say "get your choombas together and get out there and paint the town!"
Cairo geria (played by SlimTheWierdo) Topic Starter

Suddenly a young man about 19 years old wearing an old black and blue 'samurai' jacket shuts off the radio as his friend and roommate 'Akiel' calls him to the other side of a busted broken down van they were stealing parts from

Akiel:" yo! Cairo wheel your *ss over here and peep dis" akiel says with a thick Jamaican accent

Cairo who was wheelchair bound rolls his wheelchair over and dropped his jaw in suprise the van was holding 3 cases of hightech cyberware. "Akiel this has to be some off market chrome you know how much we can get for this?!" But then Cairos eyes widened seeing his fathers name etched into one of the cases

Akiel: "well what the h*ll are we doing just standing here for? lets klep it 'fore any badges show up" akiel says grabbing two of the cases and placing the third one on cairos legs.

As The duo return to their apartment in watson Cairo makes a sudden turn in his chair

Akiel: "where the h*ll you goin' choom?" He asks raising his eyebrow

Cairo turns his chair to him and says "i have to go to docs place and fast this case i got on my legs has my dads name on it and i need to know what it is"

Akiel: "aight little choom but watch yourself and take no alleyways"

Cairo speeds off in his chair and makes it before closing and shows the doctor what was in the case he was told its a 'qianT' sandevistan a total spine replacement Cairo pays the ripper to install it into his body and for the first time in a year he stands up

Ripperdoc: "welp your all set kid but just to let ya know your body will have to get used to the sandevistan and walking too but just expect that sandy to fire up and avoid overuse before letting it settle"

Cairo exits the ripperdoc pushing his now unneeded wheelchair as he regains felling in his legs and remembering how to move them until he starts to pick up the pace and runs his way home with overwhelming pride on his face he calls his roommate on the holo

Akiel: "ay choom you wont believe it but i already got a buyer and im no psychic but see nothin' but pure eddies in our futures heh heh"

Cairo laughs and says "i gotta show you something you wont believe either look outside the door"

Akiel opens the door and to his shock he sees his bestfriend standing on his own two legs

Cairo looks at his roommate and says "so when is the buyer coming?" Knowing his friend is to shocked to answer

Akiel:"Cairo! How the h*ll are you standing?"

Cairo sits down to catch his breath from running "that case that had my dads name on it had an implant in it doc said it was a 'sandevistan' it replaces the whole spine" he says happy as can be but before he could finish


Suddenly theres a knock at the door but it was...aggressive. They both look at each other Cairo shakes his head whispering "I got a bad feeling dont open the door"

Akiel: "ah you worry too much little choomba" he opens the door to see two men in suits "ay you must be my customers so tell me how can hel-"


A gunshot rings out sending akiel to the ground as Cairo freezes seeing the events unfold infront of him

Suit 1: one down one left

Cairos legs crumble from underneath him and falls onto his back fear taking over as he uses his arms to crawl away as the first suited man aims at Cairo as the second suited man goes for the cases

Suddenly Cairo hears another deafening *BANG* but he looks at the first man and sees the bullet slowly moving in the air his sandevistan activated and he runs and takes only one of the cases and uses it to break a window and runs for his life as the sandevistan deactivates he runs as fast as he can pushing past padestrians and avoiding maelstromers he thinks to himself "no no no no no now anybody could be gunning for me" he keeps running until he finds an abandoned warehouse outside of northside hiding worried if mercs would find him
Cairo geria (played by SlimTheWierdo) Topic Starter

STASH (played anonymously)

Things had been going rather swimmingly for Whiteout, and that day, she had vowed to prep herself for the final bang come morning. She’d decided to camp out in an old warehouse near Northside, sipping the lukewarm NiCola she’d harvested from the glitched drink dispensing machine she’d found in there as she counted her bullets. One of the foreman, three for the builders outside, and twenty for the Wraiths that were hiding inside the construction site. That would teach ‘em, and would get the point across to any dumbass choom that was looking to steal from ol’ Snowball.

As she waited around, stretching and flexing her muscles in the reflexing of a broken mirror, she suddenly heard approaching footsteps. With a double jump - man, these leg cybernetics really hit the spot! -, Whiteout hopped up on a ledge overlooking the warehouse, and watched as a young mixed race man stumbled in. He had some serious chrome strapped to his back, too. Been a minute since she’d seen a Sandevistan out in the wild. She was saving up for one of those! Although she wasn’t in a mood to socialize, Whiteout felt like introducing herself. In case the choomba was hostile, she could always switch up on him and shoot his gourd off his shoulders. A stolen Sandevistan would make tomorrow’s gig a whole lot easier, that was for sure.

“Heya, Fishbone!” Whiteout called as she dropped from a solid 10ft. Landing on a single knee, she barely flinched at the impact, and with a smirk, she crossed her arms. “Lookin’ all panicked, eh? What’s on your tail? Better not be pigs, already had my run-in with those two days ago.” He looked a little green, in Whiteout’s opinion, but not dangerous.
Cairo geria (played by SlimTheWierdo) Topic Starter

Cairo geria (played by SlimTheWierdo) Topic Starter


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