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I've been wanting to make a group RP, but I have no idea what people are interested in! So, I'm taking a poll-type thing! Post a few things you might like for a group RP, maybe a plot, trope, genre, etc... Or all of above! Could be extremely specific, could be fandom-related, could be vague, it doesn't matter, just post away and I'll gather information to try and create a group that the majority of people that posts here likes. :)
Biggest thing is a rp group that doesn't fall apart in 2 weeks or less. Tends to be the case for about...90...maybe 95% of al the group rps I joined.

Of course this isn't something you can control, but one thing you can do is try starting with a small group and steadily expand so you don't unintentionally bite off more then you can chew.

Also don't know if you plan to have a plot for whatever group you do make up, but be prepared to be flexible rather then expect everyone to follow the script. Not saying you would do this, just that caused another group to blow up alongside with the OOC drama related to it.

Now as for a more direct answer to your question, people tend to love fantasy/supernatural elements.
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You may also want to check out this article that got written after a community discussion! It's all about running a roleplay group.

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