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The Belgian Malinois was in a makeshift booth. Next to him was a stone-faced man with short-black hair and a thousand-yard stare. The Malinois was excited to be there and he was covering the man's face in kisses.

(This is basically just me showcasing a bit of my RP ability)
Seth McAllen (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

The army Ranger was there with his dog scratching behind his ears and making kissy sounds at the dog.
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

The prince was dragging along his loyal servant, Agni, throughout the place when he noticed the makeshift booth with the dog standing behind in. He stopped and gasped, "Agni! Agni, look! What an adorable dog!" He pointed at it, his fingers and wrists covered in gold and bejeweled bracelets and rings. "Indeed an adorable dog." Agni warmly smiled and nodded.

Soma noticed the 'Free Kisses' sign and gasped, running up to it, letting go of Agni's wrist. He held his hand out for the Belgian Malinois to sniff. "Hello lil'fella!"
Oniyan the Saiyan (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

The dog immediately started turning his attention and kisses to the prince. Thor was furiously wagging his tail as if this were the best day ever.
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

Prince Soma let out a childish giggle as Thor began licking his face all over. Agni watched from afar, pleased to see the prince enjoying his time.
Oniyan the Saiyan (played by VoliminalVerse) Topic Starter

Thor excitedly put his front paws on the prince as he gave the kisses
the-queen's-spider (played anonymously)

"He he! Agni, you should get some free kisses from the dog too!" The prince let out a laugh, looking over to his servant, who stood watching him.
Agni stepped up to beside Soma, letting the dog decide whether he wanted to love on Agni too.

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