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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Ren Yamamoto (played anonymously)

looking for a handsome devil of a man who will be able to handle me . I am a attention seeker with a cruel nature . I will be clingy and needy sometimes. I am basically independent and have a mind of my own.
I do not want gangsters , maybe yakuza . Some one who has a job . I will even date assassins . Reply here or pm me. Some one who wears a suit , but they don't have to.

It will be a mature role play so adult themes .
Seth (played by Ohermichi)

Maybe either my Seth or Rowin, though I'm leaning more towards Seth. Mmm or I have a character named Clarence who could use some love.
Ren Yamamoto (played anonymously)

Seth would be be great, but you can go what ever you feel is best. I am a bottom
Seth (played by Ohermichi)

All of those are my tops that would go well. I do think Seth would be the best fit.
Ren Yamamoto (played anonymously)

I do apologize I must of miss read , sometimes thing s get confused for me I get over excited . My vision becomes tunel vision

Seth is perfect. We can start when ever you are ready .
Seth (played by Ohermichi)

I have class until late and won't be able to get to my computer until then but if you would like to start it off go ahead, unless there is something else you would like to discuss.

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