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Gregor Moretti (played by Zelphyr)

I want an excuse to use this character. He is listed on Villains-R-Us, since he really isn't a nice guy, but I'd really like to use him, so I'm waving him around now.

Be it hunter agent, bounty hunter, assassin, or otherwise, his job is to track, infiltrate, and execute. He won't necessarily be successful, but if you're against him, you'd really have to work to defeat him, and could very well be the one to fail if you're not careful. Gregor operates best when he is able to act undercover.

Ideally, an RP with him would be:
  • Modern to near-future, or possibly JRPG-style fantasy.
  • Feature individuals who are supernatural or have supernatural abilities, preferably without their existence being well-known; anyone to be hunted should be among the supernatural, or at least aiding the supernatural.
  • Be played out somewhere violence and language are acceptable.
  • For a full game, have at least three or more players; for 1x1, be just a scene.

All of these items are flexible; they are merely what I think may be the ideal circumstances.

Any takers?

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