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Hi! I was hoping to start a thread for discussion of Final Fantasy XIV (if you're here and you don't play it, it's the second MMORPG in the series, and the primary one that people play nowadays, though XI does still exist hehe).

Please feel free to use this thread talk about your WoL, look for people on your datacenter to play with, or just generally discuss the game!

Place any major story spoilers in spoiler tags! On the off chance that someone is looking through the thread but hasn't played, or if anyone isn't caught up with MSQ, I'd rather avoid ruining things for people!

Here's a picture of my WoL!


My WoL is actually the origin of my OC, Sturgeon Ymir. Ingame, she's either a viera or elezen, and she underwent experimentation at the hands of weird Garlean scientists, sooo that's how I explain my fantasia habit. XD I play on Primal Datacenter, with my homeworld being Hyperion. I'm historically a SMN main, but now that I'm on ADHD medication, I'm trying to branch out and play other jobs. I'm really enjoying Sage, although I'm very nervous about healing with strangers, haha. If anyone has any tips on healing, please let me know.

I'd love to be able to find some friends on here to play with! It's probably too ambitious to hope for a static or anything, but if anyone's lacking an FC, I run a small one with my husband. We don't have many members, and we're rank 18, but we have a medium FC house in Ishgard. We worked really hard for it. xD (Our FC is 18+ only, so bear that in mind if you're interested!)

My favorite content has always been Deep Dungeons, but I haven't had much chance to get involved with high level content. I'm kind of in between casual and hardcore, I guess, but I'd like to get much more invested in doing combat again, since I took a very long break whilst only watering my plants. (Trying to grow onions with a single plot is arduous...) I also really enjoy making glamours, doing Gpose, and occasionally going to ingame clubs when I'm not too shy, lol.

I'd also really, really love to get into RPing ingame! If anyone is interested in that (and is over 21), please let me know!!

Anyway, please feel free to talk about whatever FFXIV stuff you'd like!

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