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At Junes, every day is Customer Appreciation Day. Come see for yourself, and get in touch with our products! Every day's great at your Junes~!

A shopping mall of sorts, it had everything that can cater to the household. Junes was one of malls that are located on the suburbs of the city. It’s large and newly built. It has 3 floors and a big underground parking. On the first and second floor you can find shops and boutiques of all world most famous brands. Various goods are offered: clothes, shoes, beauty products, furniture. There is also a hairdresser and a beauty salon. On the first floor there is a supermarket. On the third floor there is a big leisure complex with 4 fast food restaurants and a cinema. Shopping mall is surrounded by green lawns and benches.

The mall is visited by different people. Its garden and leisure complex are the favorite meeting points of young people in the city. A lot of people visit the mall every day late in the afternoon to do some shopping. Some people enjoy walking from one shop to another even when they don’t have anything to buy. At Junes all goods are available. But unfortunately they are also often crowded and one has to stay in long lines. This doesn’t happen in small shops. But on the other hand, they don’t offer such a wide variety of goods.

Junes Grocery department

At the first floor is the section of grocery store you can find another form of retailing, primarily focusing on selling food, along with non-food household products, such as bathroom or cleaning products, to their consumers. Generally, the grocery stores will carry canned items, fish, dairy products, raw and prepared meats, baked products, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, and many different snacks. It was also carry non-food products, such as clothing and household items due to the immense amount of space they occupy and their large profit allowing them to reach a more diverse consumer market, also allowing for consumers to find all their needs in one area.

Junes Electronics department

With the elevator, you can find some retail shops that specializes in selling various types of electronics. As technology advances, more and more stores are popping up with the latest gadgets to offer their customers. Some electronic stores carry new products that you can purchase. However, there are times when the store has a section for pre-owned items as well. This is great if you’re looking to save some money on your purchase but still want high-quality things. The stores also offer accessories for your devices. You can find anything you need to go along with what you just bought! From chargers to cases, the store is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for. There are many other things that the electronic store may offer as well. Depending on the shop, you might find discounts for your next purchase if you’ve made a return in the past, or they always have special deals going on like buy one get one free.

Junes Food Court

The food court is on the third floor, the rooftop of Junes. This is the common area within a facility that is contiguous with the counters of multiple food vendors and provides a common area for self-serve dinner. The food court offers cuisines of different cultures combining fine dining with fast food options.

“Man, I’m beat… I’m not the complaints department…” Yosuke sighed. As the son of the Junes Department Store's branch manager, Yosuke claimed himself that he’s good with people's emotions, offering assistance at Junes. Despite his tendency to be a bit of a pushover, he has a strong vision of the future and displays uncanny deductive reasoning.

“Senpai, have you ever thought that you’re pushing yourself too far? Take some rest, Yosuke-senpai. You need it the most. Besides, I’m here to help you for now. Aren’t I do my job good this far? The long copper-colored hair tied into two pigtails, brown eyes and pale skin said firmly to Yosuke.

Known as Rise, she used to be an idol but quit to work at her family business, which is located at the Food Court Department at Junes. The building has just moved to the shopping mall due to their high demand growth thanks to Rise. With the new environment at Junes, it also brought much customers, also her former-fans reserved their magnificent profit to Junes.

“Get it together, Yosuke! Why are you suddenly acting so weak? Is it because Rise is here?” Chie exclaimed, with a bit of sarcasm on her word. ”Why don’t you get up and help Rise on greeting the customers now? Rise and shine!” Chie shrieked.

The three of them gathered on the rooftop, at one of the table on the food court to take some breath of fresh air. Junes become much crowded nowadays and Chie also offered her hands to take a part time job at Junes. With the existence of Chie to comfort Yosuke, Rise felt the need to get down to the first floor to meet their customer. After bid goodbye to her senpais, Rise went to the elevator, pressed the button to the first floor and ready to greet their customers.

”Welcome to Junes~! Rise said cheerfully.
Tifa Lockhart (played anonymously)

A young woman that has very dark hair, varying brown to black, which typically falls below her waist and is tied at the tips to form a dolphin-tail split, has red eyes, though they have been depicted as brown in some appearances. She has an athletic build, with a slender but toned physique, and visible abdominals. She wears a white tank top and black miniskirt with a belt and suspenders. She dons red and black gloves that extend to her elbows, red boots, black socks, and a metal guard on her left elbow arrived at Junes department store. It was one of the day from her travel which brought her upon the department store when she had some business she desired. On her journey, after walked upon a stall with a dark teal hair, fair skin, wearing an eye-patch on one eye and most of the time seen in an extravagant outfit as the one running the stall himself, alongside his devilish butler made her lost her earrings due to lack of money for her niece’s birthday present. After some long negotiation, they made a good trade when the girl got rabbit doll as the gift and the earl got her earrings. At this moment, she needed the gift wrap with a nice ribbon for her birthday gift. The long copper-colored hair tied into two pigtails, brown eyes and pale skin girl had welcomed her to Junes.

“Uhh… Mind if I look around first?” Tifa said nervously to the welcome girl, she had no money, for now, so her brain had been running quickly on how should she got the thing she desired. She might asked for help, but, some of her colleges she knew must be busy with their own journey. “I wish I can have another thing worth to pay for it.” Tifa sighed.
Chie Satonaka (played by jennaisante) Topic Starter

Chie stride on the scene, with the arrival of a young slender but toned physique woman to the department store and after Rise welcomed her but the girl uttered her nervousness on her tone, made Chie act lightly to Rise, pulled her arms beside to let the girl decide her needs. “Well, it’s okay, Miss. You can look around first.” Chie uttered softly, showing her warm hospitality.


“You may call us when you need something.” Chie said, then off she go from the environment together with Rise to give the woman some space.
Tifa Lockhart (played anonymously)

Tifa bid a smile toward the blonde short haired girl whom gave her some privacy. She left out a heavily sighed in relieve before took out her phone from her pocket and dial up the number on her upper list, the most important person for her as her first help. She waited, but it seems the other party didn’t want to pick up the phone still as she connected to voice mail. “Cloud, by the time you pick up your call and listened to my message, please help me, I need some cash money. I sort of—Ugh… had a trade worth my earrings so… can you come?” Tifa said weakly, feel a little bit despair on her voice tone when she left the message for her childhood friend. After she ended the call, she put her phone back to her pocket and went to the grocery department looking for the party props.
Oerba Dia Vanille (played by jennaisante) Topic Starter

Another girl that has bright red hair tied in curled pigtails, green eyes, and pierced ears with silver hoop earrings. She wears a pink halter top, an ombré orange and yellow skirt, beige boots, and a fur pelt around her waist to carry her weapon, made from a bear she defeated herself and numerous bracelets, three beaded necklaces, and an assortment of beads attached to various sections. Vanille's l'Cie brand is on her upper-left thigh, hidden by her skirt had overheard the talk on the phone which sound desperate enough.

“I’m sorry that I accidentally eardrops your talk by the call. Because you sounded so desperate! I heard you need some money cash? Is it for important needs? I can help you.” Vanille said in a cheerful tone after following the trace of the young woman to the party props section. “We might be a stranger, for now, but I had my hunch that help you will do me good.” She grinned.
Tifa Lockhart (played anonymously)

Tifa was not expect the sudden offering from the curled pigtails haired woman when she claimed that she overheard Tifa’s phone call with her desperate tone. It’s always this kind of incident which brought Tifa to danger. She wondered why. “Uhh… I’m sorry… Well—yes I need some help.” Tifa quivered, in a would-be calm voice, but the pupils of her tiny eyes contract with a sudden fear for the stranger. “How can I be certain if you would help me? We have just met.” Tifa tried to sound fierce to the stranger even though the pigtail girl sounded so bright and cheerful.
Camry walked in uncomfortable with the bright light and people who were walking around him. He adjusted his two six shooters and looked around but was very confused on where he could find what he was looking for. "Hello?" He called out looking around. "I could use some help please..." He said in his light Texan accent.
Chie Satonaka (played by jennaisante) Topic Starter

”Welcome to Junes~! Rise said cheerfully. "I'm going to assist you. What do you need? I perhaps could bring you to the perfect places for the stuff you are looking for, And, might ask the owner to give you discount~" Rise flashed out on a glee after she make sure her appearance not be a bother to Camry.
Camry was slightly startled by the staff worker as she had seemingly came from nowhere and two because she seemed so happy. "I was uh, wondering if you have wide-brim hats. And what kind of currency you take, diamonds or gold or snakeskin..." He felt really uncomfortable without his hat and this girl was really cute...
Oerba Dia Vanille (played by jennaisante) Topic Starter

"Well, as you said before, we might be a stranger for now~ of course we just met~ But a girl in need I will be some of a help indeed~" Vanille tried to break the ice as she look over how clear it was the worriedness Tifa draw on her face. She slowly, but sure, approach the young lass and offered her hand to shake. "My name is Oerba dia Vanille. Vanille for short. I know it must be strange to lend some money for the stranger too, you might think I'm a scammer, BUT! I'm not~ I'm genuine to help."

Vanille had always been the type of that clumsy-bubbly person to anyone in help. Like her sister said, Vanille always tend to cause trouble, for her randomness. But, for this time, she felt that Tifa might had her urgency to have the birthday party props so the orange lady was eager to help.
Tifa Lockhart (played anonymously)

Tifa raised her eyebrow, counted on the risk over having a debt with a stranger made her feel shame and remorseful. But, she was out of money at the moment. She might get some pennies on the grinding later. "Fine, you could help me. And oh, I will immediately pay you back. I will just need some punching and kicking to get some money. So, you could wait for me. It won't take long." Eventhough Tifa had decided to get some of cash money from the weird looking orange-girl, but she had to pay her back as fast as she can.
Chie Satonaka (played by jennaisante) Topic Starter

Camry Maxwell wrote:
Camry was slightly startled by the staff worker as she had seemingly came from nowhere and two because she seemed so happy. "I was uh, wondering if you have wide-brim hats. And what kind of currency you take, diamonds or gold or snakeskin..." He felt really uncomfortable without his hat and this girl was really cute...

"Oh! What a great time~! I think we also have a discount fashion theme around this hour. You may follow me then, Sir." Rise drew another smile on her face. She likes her job now to eventually make her the shop assistant rather to waste her time over some kind of junk games the idol-corporate threw around her formerly. With the attractive figure she had, she naturally brings out more customer to Junes.

At the time Camry was ready, Rise lead the way to fashion department store and assist the man to the hat stall. "We are happily to accept gold, Sir~!" Rise added. The fashion department looks luxurious with many of the branded items also being on the display. Rise waited for Camry if he might want another help.
"Aah, thank you ma'am" Camry said. He chose out a simple brown hat with a blue band around the edges. He also just chose to get some boots from the wide selection of items they had. After he chose his things, he turned back to the nice lady. "I hope I'm not being a bother but do you have any animal supplies for a horse?"

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