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I had this small idea in my mind for a while. I wonder if it has been previously suggested by someone else, or if anyone else has thought about it.

My idea of character profile presets is some sort of code or hyperlink that lets us easily adopt a specific page layout. This wouldn't require manually copying all the content from another character profile in order to get a similar vibe.

For example, I have a specific character profile type that functions as a template for my character profiles. Rather than manually duplicate each widget, I can easily replicate the entire page layout. Then, you can jump right into writing character information and customization without having to set up the entire page again and again. I'm not sure how that would work for a user who bought additional pages/widgets wanting to share a preset with someone who didn't buy any additional character profile-related stuff.

What are your opinions on that? Do you think this feature would be useful or not? I also apologize if I didn't sound clear, I had no idea how to describe that :(
YES! I love this!

Kim, please add this, or even some presets that come with character creation?

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