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I wasn't originally going to do one of these but uh here I am :D
I want to make a character that... an anthropomorphic lemur, in a world where their being an anthro animal is not unusual (whether their world is only anthro animals, or a mix of humans and anthros, or has any other species, can be decided. The specific species of lemur is up to you guys too.)
...exists in a sci-fi setting of some kind, anything from a slightly more technologically advanced Earth to a world of intergalactic travel and teleportation. a fairly young person (teen or young adult) and has a generally neutral to positive backstory. It doesn't need to be all sunshine and rainbows, but nothing overly angsty or traumatic.
Everything else is to be decided. Name, occupation, goals, personality, likes/dislikes, fashion sense, history, connections... Go wild :D
Kim Site Admin

Brainstorming with my family, this stuff got thrown out:
  • Name: Bolsum
  • They/them pronouns
  • Volunteer for a medical prosthetic company. They were injured as a child and was paralyzed along their tail. Using a combination of grafts and nanotech, they have had their nervous and muscular system re-enforced and strengthed to allow them to lead a normal life. Since they were one of the first to receive this treatment, the extra-organic enhancements are more noticeable than they might be in someone who received the treatment today. (ROBO TAIL AESTHETIC)
  • Possible profession: Architect
  • Lives in a studio apartment in an orbiting space facility, where they spend their life mostly designing very boring things, but sometimes they get to put their skills to use for their local amateur dramatic society designing specialized sets
  • They also enjoy stage rigging and are excellent at fitting and replacing lights, special FX and even occasionally dabbles with pyrotechnics
  • On again off again relationship with a ring-tailed lemur who was a former classmate of theirs at university.
  • Bolsum's apartment is filled with models of space-saving designs (space is at a super premium on space stations)
  • Bolsum was recently contracted by a mysterious government agency to be part of a think-tank for the development of space capsules for exploration missions, where space is at an even greater premium. But really, they are developing long-term sleeper cells for delayed espionage missions.
  • Bolsum aspires to retire young because of the shorter life span of lemurs

Take or leave as much as appeals, as usual XD

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