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Albae (played by Robyn)

(Updated as of 7/06/24. ^_^)
"Set in the heart in the Kingdom of Tanbarune, the reputable Academy opens its' doors to the teachings of magic. Between formal classes, combat training, quests for Graduates deemed ready, Student Showcases and even formal balls, the foundation for Mages can be honed within these walls. Here, the land is famous for diversity across all manners of race, with commoners and Nobility welcomed as equals on school grounds. Warm skies are decorated with Pegasai and airships less so. Applicants include specialized mages and newfound mages alike.

The Academy itself is a stunning sight upon arrival, with Students discussing their respective first impressions as excited first-timers climb out of accommodating carriages, quick to fetch their trunks to join the crowds flowing toward the open doorways. An elegant yet enormous castle, one filled with tediously tall, curled staircases and spacious classrooms throughout. Some for classes of practical application, training halls for the occasional sparring match, others with marble desks and soft chairs for magical introduction. The Eastern Library, private beaches, and social trips to the Capital allow aspiring Mages to take a breath between their studies. Intricate gardens can be found as vibrant greenery hug the outer walls, though that is assuming these new Students can track down these everchanging, traveling spaces. Finally, extravagant chambers can be discovered above dormitory lounges, encouraging Students to make these private rooms their own home-away-from-home."

Greetings! Hoping to offer a friendly OOC summary. ^_^

  • Like the topic probably suggests, this is indeed a medieval-fantasy setting. ^-^
  • Seeking patience from newcomers! While the space is active, flexible lulls can be expected, too.
  • Our group also encourages muti-para roleplay. But it would be a shame if this turned people away, since there is flexibility for shorter posts, too!
  • Members have the opportunity to request specific classes and see them added to the future curriculum.
  • At this time, you can expect to see a creative and diverse cast of characters played by my beloved mod and I, with the potential for other members as we go.
  • I consider the genre to be a leisurely slice of life story, but with the possibility of long-term plot for players who would like to seek it out. Always optional! (Student Showcases for invitations to 1-on-1 internships outside of school, scholarships to join the associated mage guild after graduation, "finals" in the form of an independent quest for graduates deemed ready, mystery-intrigue events on school grounds, etc!)
  • Lots of room for potential character development. An immersive means for your OC to acquire magical skill through active RP in an original, established Kingdom with rich lore. <3
  • Newcomers can "tour" the present curriculum (active classes) by browsing our rule page, if you'd like. A smooth way to glimpse present happenings.
Last but not least, you're welcome to dive in by applying to join the group directly. My inbox is open if you'd rather get in touch with welcomed questions in mind. But, I can also shoot you a DM if you'd like to drop a comment below.

For characters who are 16+ only, please. Considered a college environment so older Students are invited to enroll, too! At this time, applications are open to both Student and Tutor characters.

Magic 100%
Mundane? What's that? Magic permeates every part of the setting. Almost everyone has access to strong magic.
Technology 30%
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 00%
No romance at all will be included in this plot, period.

Details: Occasional dice use, paragraphs required,

Albae (played by Robyn) Topic Starter

A glimpse into the ship as Students board in preparation for their incoming field trip. This class is semi-closed, but it's possible for new Students to join in by DM'ing me first. <3

I am really interested in this topic, so please PM me if you can(or want to)
Albae (played by Robyn) Topic Starter

Snowwayhome wrote:
I am really interested in this topic, so please PM me if you can(or want to)

Will do! <3
Albae (played by Robyn) Topic Starter

With our forums no longer visible to non-members, present curriculum can be found along the side of the rule page, instead! 6-7 active classes and counting. <3
Albae (played by Robyn) Topic Starter

The long-term (optional!) plot for Graduates has now been added to, and a summer event is in the works for available "time off" with classmates. <3

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