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Gina Fields (played by Ersa93)

Gina pushed aside a stack of data pads on her desk so that she could look at the person sitting across from her. It had been a bit of a hectic day for her, but she tried to remain composed and amiable. After all, the current mess was hardly her visitor's fault. No, it was Enkidu's fault for taking its durability for granted. But that was a discussion for another time.

"Thank you for agreeing to the job on such sort notice." She was honestly a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but maybe that was because she was so used and comfortable around Enkidu. She just had to trust that the chief of security knew what he was doing when he brought this person in. "It's Camry Maxwell, right? I'm Ambassador Gina Fields, but you can just call me Gina."

She held out a hand for a shake.
Camry took her hand. "Pleased to meet you, ma'am. If you prefer, you can call me Cam or Max." He really didn't know what to make of the girl yet but at least she was just a little older. She probably would be better in quick situations and orders rather than the more older snobs he usually got. He also noticed slight skepticism from her. We wasn't all that surprised considering his age. "If you don't mind my asking miss, what all do you need me to do?"
Gina Fields (played by Ersa93) Topic Starter

"Hopefully, nothing beyond escorting me around to my various meetings and guarding whatever room I'm in. Fortunately, all the meetings I have in the near future are relatively minor, so they won't take too long. Would you like a tour of the embassy, Cam? It's more like a large apartment with an office attached to it, but it's certainly bigger than anything I've ever been in."
"I would be grateful for a tour, miss" Camry responded. Although it seemed that this would be an easy job, he would still like to have a good layout of the place. Entrances, exits, even vents that enemies could make their way through. He could just be over thinking things as usual but rather safe than sorry. Even as he thought this, his eyes scanned the room, memorizing all the doors and windows.
Gina Fields (played by Ersa93) Topic Starter

"Okay. The first thing you need to know is that is one of those open concepts plans, so the office, living room, and kitchen flow into each other and there's not a wall between them. There's only one door in, one door out, like most rooms on a space station. There is a maintenance hatch behind my desk, but it's only open-able from this side. Oh, and feel free to change the holo-window images. I forget they're on half of the time."

Gina picked up a remote and pressed the button. The image changed from the plains to a forest.
Camry was impressed with the technology, only having upgraded his arsenal before he took the job. He made careful notes of what she told him of the environment. This should be a breeze if everthing went as planned... "And when would your first meeting be?" He asked.
Gina Fields (played by Ersa93) Topic Starter

"Let me check. Hal?"

"The next meeting is in half an hour, but it is heavily suggested that you arrived fifteen minutes before to set up," a voice replied. "But it's up to you."

Gina nodded then turned back to Max. "We'll be leaving in fifteen minutes then. Oh, and that was Hal. He's an AI, so you won't actually ever see him. He serves as my PA, so he helps with the schedule and stuff. Anything else you need to know at the moment? I know you're kind of being tossed into the middle of something here."
Camry was indeed starting to be overwhelmed with all the new technology and things to worry about but he wouldn't let it show. "No, I think I'm understanding everthing. Basically I'm just protecting you as we move from meeting to meeting. This sold be a breeze." He smiled and dipped his hat. "Pleased to be of service, miss."
Gina Fields (played by Ersa93) Topic Starter

Gina gave him a polite nod and picked up her data pad.

"I don't foresee anything big happening, but I know better than to say things are guaranteed to be quiet. Oh, and do you have a non-lethal way to take down people? I don't think the station would appreciate it if you shoot, say, a paparazzi person who posses no actual danger."
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Camry nods at her. “I could knock people out physically if needed or I could use my new blasters on stunning.” He replied.
Gina Fields (played by Ersa93) Topic Starter

((No problem.))

"Good. I think most of the hype around me has died down and they've moved onto their next victim, erm...subject, but there are probably a few still hanging around." Gina picked up her data pad. "Here, follow me and I'll get us to the SecCom room. You won't be able to go in with me, but you can stand guard at the door."

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