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((The time of injustice reset, better yet erased. Different events unfolding, those dead now alive. Lois living happily with Clark. Dick Greyson alive and well. Damian ran off knowing he wouldn’t be forgiven. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be forgiven. The only ones who remembered the erased time line is the Batfamily. Thus the world continues to spin. Open to anyone))

Amanda Waller’s manicured nails tapped on the grey table top. A manila file rested
on her left. Her eyes scanned the nearly empty diner. A few agents sitting on bar stools, scuffed floors and importantly the teen in front of her. She sighed. “You look like your mother now. It seems you can’t win kid. You either have a strong resemblance to him or her.”

Morgan eyed the woman in front of him. “What do you want?”

A waitress quickly came over placing a cup of coffee in front of Morgan. Her eyes lingered as she bit her lip. The waitress turned her attention to Waller. “Is there any-thing I-I cc- ca- an get you,” she stammered.

Amanda curled her lip but kept her eyes trained on Damian. “No.”

“Okay then,” the waitress scampered off. She quickly fled behind the counter into the kitchen. The staff peeked out the service window.

“I want to talk to your father. He’s ignoring me right now.” Waller shrugged. “I need him to look into something for me.”

Morgan narrowed his eyes. “You are speaking to the wrong person.”

Waller picked the manila file up. “He’s looking for you, you know. Greyson too. Your own mother is trying to locate you. I have the right person. The right amount of bait. You hid yourself pretty well.”

“That man doesn’t care about my existence. He’s just like her, both of them terrible,” Morgan lifted the white ceramic mug to his lips.

“I think your mother would be sad to hear that.” Waller stood up. “Think about what I said.” She walked a few feet away. “By the way if I’m the first to find you, who’s next.”

Morgan froze for a second, it was time to move. He lowered the mug. He gotten too comfortable.
Waller walked calmly out of the diner. A firm glare rested on her face. All she needed was for Batman to bite. Perhaps she should leak information on the youngest Wayne’s whereabouts. The Wayne’s have a lot of enemies. A large amount of people would be willing to stick it to Bruce Wayne. Damian is essentially a sitting duck.
Morgan sighed, he didn’t want to be found. Maybe by Dick. He blinked multiple times. How would he face him though? “ I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

His father was a complex bag of turmoil set on fire. They didn’t mix well. He could never tell what that man thought. To meet his father again. He always seemed frustrated with him. Morgan knew his father only accepted him due to a dire situation. Essentially he was forced on him, and after the events that took place. Even if they were erased, someone will point fingers. His father could possibly want to hurt him.

The others were probably glad the demon brat was gone.

Dick was the only one who took any time with him.

Morgan’s eyes softened. Why would his mother be looking for him? What could that woman want? Sure she gave birth, and raised him most of his adolescence. Right now, he had no use to her. Didn’t he chose his father? Maybe, she actually cared, maybe she was actually worried.

No, something must have happened. Morgan reached a hand up and swept his bangs to the side. “I need to get to school,” Morgan mumbled as he slipped back into his thoughts.
He should skip today leave town. Waller didn’t seem like the type to have one plan. She must have been desperate. He could guarantee Waller probably already had something set up if he tried.

This has become a complication. Essentially he’s become a trap for the one person he didn’t want to see. The one person who would not show. If he didn’t show what would her next step be? To kidnap and threaten his existence.

Morgan’s mind flipped back to his mother. He could not wrap his head around her trying to locate him, or the fact he slipped through his grandfather’s network. It could be they caught wind of him assassinating people, which leads to the other reason he didn’t want to face his father, or Dick. Would they even have an inkling? Should he even call his parents, parents? Bruce, and Talia. Talia felt funny to him while Bruce felt natural.

Would he have turned out different if Dick was his father? Yes, his mind supplied, yes you would have.

He needed money, where would that money come from? So, yeah guaranteed they figured he fell on what came natural to him. Morgan’s eyes glanced over to a clock. Right school…

Morgan stood up and left the diner.
Once he left the diner the fresh air helped clear his muddled mind. His eyes immediately scanned his surroundings. Morgan kept a natural pace, while appearing absentminded.

Alleyways filled with trash and debris, to a really clean looking street. There was nothing out of the ordinary in the small town he picked. Streets with cookie cutter designed houses, little desac’s, town houses, and apartment complex’s made up one end of the small town the other end businesses and manor’s.

Morgan managed to make it in time. He entered the black iron gates, into a courtyard leading up to the school’s doors

The entrance announced the schools heritage. The marble floors strewn through the building, the massive foyer with a grand stair case showcased its costly nature.

Morgan traveled up the grand stair case to his home room. He entered the classroom and headed to the back, ignoring his chattering classmates. He threw himself in a seat, placed his arms on it, and put his head down.
Talia Al ghul (played anonymously)

Talia wondered down the hallways of the massive school. A teacher guided her around.

“You have nothing to worry about Mrs. Hassan, Morgan is simply lovely. He hardly ever struggles, turns his work in, never fights.”

Talia nodded, “I worry about him it’s been hard on him. The spilt from his father, and the company I work for requiring time. Morgan’s become distant.” Talia found the lies easy.

The teacher’s forehead wrinkled. Her gaze was soft with misty eyes. "You said he had an appointment. Let me call him for you. It’s finally nice to meet you.” The teacher smiled while guiding Talia back to the front.

After a few moments, an announcement rang. "Morgan Hassan, please report to the front office. “Morgan Hassan please report to the front office.”
Morgan lifted his head and shot out of his seat. He quickly left the classroom.

He narrowed his eyes once he left the classroom. He shouldn’t be called to the front.

Instead of going to the front Morgan went down the hall, and turned into a set of smaller stairs. Once he was on the second floor, he opened the door to an empty class room. He ran to a set of large windows, forced one of them open, and climbed on to a ledge.
Talia Al ghul (played anonymously)

She waited patiently, but knew he would not come to her. There was no one in the front with her so, Talia left. She walked out of the school and down the court yard. Her phone rang. She answered it, “Oh, he’s outside. You know what to do capture him alive.” She hung up her phone.

Outside of the black iron gates a black car with a driver was waiting on her.

Damian, Talia’s eyes softened as she thought. Her son, her flesh in blood, the boy she loved more than anything, the boy she killed for breaking her heart. According to her father he’s been active in the scene. He finally came to his senses. It was time to bring him home.

When he vanished she blamed him. He was supposed to take care of Damian. Of course Bruce had his excuses none of them forgivable. There was no word on his existence until six months ago.

It had not reached his ears yet, at least she hoped not. No, matter what Damien was coming home with her. Even if she had to use other methods. Talia’s eyes hardened as she entered the car.
Camry was walking by when he noticed the boy on the school's ledge. He smirked, remembering when he did the same to leave his orphanage. He didn't have anything else to do so he made sure his guns and hat were secure, and ran towards the building. With one leap, he was able to jump to the ledge where the boy was....and he did it a bit too well. When he landed, a small crater appeared under his feet. He glanced at the boy. "I won't tell, if you don't," he said, winking.
Morgan blinked rapidly for a second. This man, wasn’t an enemy. He didn’t attack right way. Unless he wants something. Kill him anyway, his mind supplied. You lowered your guard.

He noticed the small cater and sighed. His attention turned to the group of assassins in multiple locations. “Look, who ever you are this isn’t a good location. And I’m not in the mood. For your sake please find somewhere else.”

It was weird for his grandfather’s men to not attack right away. So, they weren’t to kill him. That didn’t mean that it was off the table. They probably have some form of the Lazarus pit.
Camry slightly tilted his head at the young adult. "Well, sorry to desturb you. I'll be taking my leave. Also, there are a couple of guys watching you." He said, nodding his head in the direction of a nearby rooftop. He picked up a piece of tile and threw it towards them. Instead of falling to the ground, it picked up speed and slammed into their heads like a homing missile. He nodded at the man, jumped to the ground, and started to walk away.
Camry Maxwell wrote:
Camry slightly tilted his head at the young adult. "Well, sorry to desturb you. I'll be taking my leave. Also, there are a large number of guys watching you." He said, nodding his head in the direction of a nearby rooftop. He picked up a piece of tile and threw it towards them. Instead of falling to the ground, it picked up speed and slammed into their heads like a homing missile. He nodded at the man, jumped to the ground, and started to walk away.
Morgan blinked, his eyes narrowed. “Are you apart of the justice league? Why are you here? Why did you help me? What do you want? What do you hope to gain?”

The men who were hit with the tile collapsed. Some of them weren’t so lucky.

Suddenly four groups of others sprung at of various locations and surrounded them.
Talia Al ghul (played anonymously)

One of the assassins extended their hand while glaring at Camry.

“Damien Al ghul the demon head demands your return. If you refuse. We are to engage. Your mother also wishes you to return home.” The assassin bowed.
Camry looked at the boy. "Got some trust issues, eh? No, I'm not a part of the Justice League but someone named...Dick and Bruce is looking for you. And what to gain? You not dying and being thrown in some magic pit to revive you. So you wanna go with the donkey, oh sorry, demon head, or you coming with me?" He asked, pulling out a potion and holding it out to him.
“I-I,” for the first time in a while Damian was at a loss for words. He didn’t really have a choice. Yes, he could fight and kill the assassins but his grandfather would just praise it. If it was decided he should return then there would be no fighting it. He could set his body on fire if he died turn it to ashes. Did he want to do that. No, that would be a last resort.

“I don’t have a choice. It’s either my mind gets warped eventually or I deal with them.” Damian snorted, “The only person who could stand up to my grandfather is my father.” Damian jumped down landing perfectly beside Camry. “There was never a choice to began with.”
Camry felt bad for the guy and that was the only reason he had agreed to help. He didn't know everything happening but he knew that he needed help. "Sorry about this." He said to the man before grabbing his lower arm and teleporting to a small apartment complex. He dropped to his knees. He still wasn't in the best shape since that last battle. "We gotta get to the fifth floor, room 3. That's where Dick and Bruce said to bring you. I don't know if they are here yet but....are you ready?" He asked.
Damian sighed, “It doesn’t matter if I’m ready. You should use that potion you tried to give me on yourself, what ever it is… I’m going by myself. It’s best if you wait here. Family Drama is never good for the injured, especially this kind.”

Damian mumbled, faced away from Camry, “I suppose a thank you is in order. Just give me a few minutes…” He glared at the building.
Talia Al ghul (played anonymously)

The assassins glanced around. They were there and then gone. A whole group of them lost Him… One of them flicked open a cell phone. After a few rangs the call was picked up. “We lost him. No, he was right here, a strange boy hindered some of our men useless and disappeared with Damian.”

Talia hung up the call, while her face twisted. Useless, useless they lost him again. Her facial features calmed down fading to neutral. It didn’t matter. He will be back in her grasp soon. Talia pulled a green vial with a small fang in it.
After a few minutes Damian breathed in deeply. “I can’t leave you out here in your condition. I don’t know how far they are willing to go. Now that I think of it. You involved yourself,” Said Damian.

“I suppose you should come along, but do you think you can wait outside the door? Preferably down another floor. I don’t know how this is going to go.” Damien started toward the apartment complex.

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