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I will be giving away a total of 10 Bobas from the lemonade stand to the lucky winners of this giveaway! This is perfect for people who still want to support the RPRepository but can't contribute financially!


In order to enter into this giveaway, please post a screenshot or picture of you advertising the RPRepository! Something similar to a tweet, Facebook post, blog post, Tik Tok, a message in a discord server, or even a shout out in a public videogame chat is sufficient as an entry!


A good and general idea for your advertisement coukd be something along the lines of "Come and visit the RPRepository, we are in the final hours of a fundraiser for our state-of-the-art Maps and Avatars project!"


This contest will close in a little under 48 hours at 5:30e/4:30c/3:30m/2:30p and I will post the names of the 10 winners and send you your chosen boba color out of the 5 original boba colors, Brown, Yellow, Red, Blue, or Green! One entry per person, please!

Laineie Topic Starter

It seems nobody noticed this one, so I'm just going to distribute some Bobas randomly to people who couldn't contribute to the sale!

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