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The Town Crier (played anonymously)

"Hear ye! Hear Ye!

xESAYj5.jpgThe Lemonade Stand will be closing in a few hours! Get your fill of items that are likely only to be offered here and now! Get fancy drinks for character slots and extra pages, and other funtastic things to display on your profile! Get extra stuff to take to the Bazaar to trade with others, and most of all .... get your Iced Coffees while they are cold! At the low price of $45, which is two $20 gold coins and one $10 gold coin, or forty-five silver dollars, you get a generous year of Epicness! The benefits are many and you will NEVER see prices like this again!

You! You with money! Buy an extra Iced Coffee for your friend and writing partner! Get more character slots, more image slots, get rid of ads, get yourself age-verified,

You all over there! You're a broke college student or a kid that ran out of lawns to mow? Just keep your eyes open for the pop-up raffles, dice games, trades, and givaways!

Yes! supporting the best roleplaying site on the interwebz is well worth it, and with the increasing hassle of finding linkable image hosts; the extra image capacity of character slots solves this issue nicely! That and you get ten extra character slots too! Plus you can have fun customizing your profile and play with making character style templates!

What? Did I hear you say that Epicness will run out in a year and you'll be locked out of your extra perks? Well, that is 'future us's problem. Chances are it will work out at the time. For the here and now, we want to give Kim all the extra $$ time she needs to dedicate her time to develop this site with the creation of a map editor, avatar creator, and multiplayer interactions on your custom maps in concert with live chat!

My voice is going so I will shut up now. Just get to The Lemonade Stand and buy stuff today!"
The Town Crier (played anonymously) Topic Starter

“Hear ye HereYe! Less than three hours to go before the lemonade stand closes!”

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