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I'd just like to figure out whether or not no one's reading my ads or people are seeing them and not responding. Doesn't need to say who, just a number would be fine.
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Just bumping
I can understand how annoying and even disheartening it can be when it feels like no one is interested in your Looking For AD and how having a view count could help. But I also think, if there was a view count on an AD. It'll create unnecessarily pressure or anxiety for people who are just scrolling and unsure if they can even contribute to the plot.

I'm not sure about the technical part of adding a view count to the AD, but considering how many ADS people put up. I'd be worried it be a bit glitchy.
the search function pretty much promises anyone looking for *specific rp thing* will better find *specific rp thing* and thus won't be clicking on or viewing *other specific rp thing*, so view count vs engagement wouldn't help improve your writing or pitch since *specific rp thing* can show up in, or be excluded from, basically any rp genre, tone, fandom? i like to read ads just for nostalgia or to see new characters to follow, i definitely don't have the time or spoons to answer a single one.

but also baldur's gate 3 is out so i probably haven't read your rp ads even tho i like to browse. roleplayers with disposable time i imagine are going to have their forum interest waxing and waning with availability or scheduling ebb, so like, just keep at it. renew ads every two weeks, search and read ads yourself even if they are 'closed' (autoclosed after 2 weeks). it's worth the effort!!

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