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The Nobody or Darian Smith (played anonymously)

The sky a dark haze. The flashing of lights and she was falling. The woman landed on her back in a grass covered area. A lab coat stained red from a wound to the shoulder. She stretched a bloody hand out to touch the haze. The face of her friend. A man who she went to school with. Who she worked along side with. Who she developed feelings for. Had, had done this.

She couldn’t hold in anymore. Golden light spewed forth with a large bang. Where there once was a woman laid a man with short curly black curly black hair.

A black tardis clashed to the ground.
Jewel Harper (played by Bellgirl)

A week on grand dad's farm. That's just great. Jewel leaned her forehead against the glass. Then she saw it a brilliant flash. The boom knocked the car out of control. The sudden swerve and crunch of metal caused her world to fade.
Julie Estelle (played anonymously)

It was rather cloudy day for Julie to touch the grass. Rather, she chose to stay at her room because it was her day off from the work. She was about to get her bowl on the highest stack of her kitchen cabinet. She woke up late and it was the brunch time already but, the sound of a debris falling, or so what she thought of, made her jolt in surprise. A horror flashed on her eyes because she was living alone and afraid if something terrible was happening around her house. Like, serial gun killer or robbery, something that she never want to experience by living alone. She put her cereal back and gazed over her window to see if it was save enough for her to check where the sound came.

Julie closed her mouth as in response of surprised when she saw the bloody woman lied on the ground. It wasn't a debris fall, it was human. She thought. Her heart shattered. Chill run over her spine and her body felt freeze. She has no idea on what was happening.
The Nobody or Darian Smith (played anonymously) Topic Starter

For a moment it felt like he was falling back into his previous form. One second a woman in the sky. The next
Regenerating again on the ground as a man.

This time a woman stood before him, well her.

When the Tardis crashes the cycle will start over again.

“Quickly before you get trapped,” she rasped, “run.”
Jewel Harper (played by Bellgirl)

“Jewel, Jewel,” she heard her mom frantically call her.

She felt familiar hands shake her. The visage of her mom slowly came in and faded away multiple times.

All the sudden it was like the crash was on repeat, a bazaar eternally nightmare. Slight things variated, but it seemed those things would soon get caught in the happenings.
The Nobody or Darian Smith (played anonymously) Topic Starter

The woman who witnessed it from a e distance began to feel a strange sensation from her house. The feeling of her body going in reverse on repeat, but at the same time she could make different actions.

“The cycle!” The female version shouted.

“I have to break the cycle,” the male version finished. I’m still able to variate.” Time repeated.

The female version as she was falling. “I’m too damaged. This situation is impossible. I could force regeneration in air reverting the effects…. Impossible.”
Julie Estelle (played anonymously)

Julie rushed back to her room after witnessing such a traumatic event on her life. Someone was dying! she thought. It was unusual for her to have such a crazy, eventhough every day is crazy for her, rather crazily-wild, on her life. Her body began trembling and as soon as she looks under her feet, they were resonating.

"What the hell?! What is happening?!" She shrieked in panic. She learnt about science. She learnt about dimension. She knew that in her spatial movement involves three dimensions: height, width, and depth. She can move forward and back, left and right, and up and down. But this time, she were dealing with time. She tried to move around but in her senses, a diversion in events occurs. "Help!" She gasped.

[OOC: I hope I described it right.]

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