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I'm on the lookout for various roleplays involving me chucking my Khajiit into various other fandoms and settings. Now, before you come at me with how lore unfriendly crossovers are, you should know that's the least of my concerns right now. Down below are a few basic ideas for some fandoms I've been craving, though if you don't see your fandom listed, feel free to let me know. I'm also happy to throw Ja'vassa into non-fandom settings, so if you've got your own custom setting you'd like to use or just play around on Earth, feel free to shoot some ideas my way! Romance and shipping is always adored, but absolutely not required. Canons and OCs alike are adored and welcomed, and I'm willing to double up in most fandoms. The canons I'll play will be listed in brackets, though if your fandom isn't listed here, I won't be able to double up. That being said, let's get down to the fandoms and plot ideas I had in mind. Bolded fandoms are ones I have some ideas for. If you're interested in plotting something out, feel free to shoot me a message or comment below! Seeking both one on ones and group plays.

Desired Fandoms:
- Pokemon [Various Player Characters, Steven, Maxie, Brock, Lance, Arven, Ash, Blue, Ghetsis, N]
- Fire Emblem (Awakening/Fates) [Awakening - Robin-M, Chrom, Stahl, Walhart, Henry, Owain, Inigo, Yen'fay, Basilio, Priam / Fates - Corrin-M, Xander, Ryoma, Leo, Keaton, Shura, Gunther, Jakob]
- Inuyasha [Miroku, Sesshomaru]
- Fullmetal Alchemist [Col. Mustang, King Bradley, Greed]
- Owl House [Gus, Hunter]

- Fairy Tail
- Soul Eater
- Legend of Zelda (OOT/Majora's Mask/Oracle)
- Marvel
- Avatar the Last Airbender
- Other Elder Scrolls titles

Now, with those out of the way, onto the plot ideas that are totally not copy & pasted from Ja'vassa's own profile. Before delving too deep into it, just be aware that spoilers for some of these games/series are possible, so enter with caution. Walls of text also lurk within the collapse tags.


Nearly a decade after Ja’vassa had founded Dragon’s Keep Academy and after his children had grown old enough to leave for their own journeys, the Dragonborn had decided it was time to move on with his life. He had spent nearly two thousand years playing a dominant force in Tamriel’s politics and culture, and now it was time for him to move on. There were no longer any villains to slay, quests to undertake, treasures to be looted, and while he enjoyed his time as a teacher for Skyrim’s youth, he was ready to open the next chapter of his life and retire to a life of scholarship and study. This Khajiit may still have been known as an incredibly deadly warrior, he no longer cared for the mercenary lifestyle, even if he loved the adventures that came with it. It was now time for him to continue his pursuit of knowledge in honor of his Lord, and with this, he resigned from headmaster of Dragon’s Keep and ultimately decided he’d leave Rkung-Zel as well, leaving it and everything inside it to the ones who served him, soon heading for the Tower of Mzark where he had AHO docked, the grand Dwemer Airship would serve as his new home and base of operations, aiming to use it to store his research journals, weapons, apparel, food and everything else he might need when he’s traveling across Tamriel and for when he finally decides it’s time to travel towards Akavir.

As he traveled about, from province to province in search of knowledge, he began to explore the possibility of visiting Oblivion realms that haven’t revealed themselves to the mortal realm yet. While Akavir would provide some intriguing adventures, he admittedly found himself more interested in leaving Nirn itself, even if just temporarily. Of course, there were a few problems; traveling to Oblivion, especially uninvited, is extremely difficult, even for wizards of his caliber, and then there was also the difficulty of attempting to transport his massive airship into Oblivion with him, if that's even possible. This led him to digging up each and every single research journal of his that he could find, delving deep into various studies that involved daedric runes and portals in an effort to see if what could be done. Though, even for as isolated as Tower Mzark was, opening a massive portal in the middle of Skyrim would likely bring some unwanted attention, so he boarded AHO and set off in search of an isolated island off the coasts of Tamriel, eventually finding an uncharted island off the coast of High Rock, far enough that he’d be undisturbed while creating this portal.

Nearly a year after he discovered the island and began his experiments, he was successful in creating and opening the portal, but unfortunately, opening it required a great deal of magicka, likely meaning that once he entered, it’d be a few days before he’d be able to return, regardless of the danger. As he would with any dangerous dungeon dive, he equipped himself with his Infinity Sword and his good armor, soon entering the portal with his grand airship. However, as he entered, a new problem arose. For reasons unknown, AHO began to quickly descend towards the ground and when it seemed that disaster was swiftly approaching, Ja’vassa engaged the ship’s emergency procedures that allowed it to safely land on the ground, doing major damage to the land around it.* Fortunately for him, the pilot and its contents were relatively unharmed. The Dragonborn was slightly shaken up, and as he went outside to inspect it and assess it for any damage it may have sustained. AHO was largely undamaged, but now Ja’vassa was left with the unusual problem of being stuck in a world not his own with a ship that seemed to be out of commission for the time being. Everything on the inside was still functioning as it should, but the thrusters seemed to have been completely dead. Unsure of where he was and struck by a sudden wave of exhaustion, Ja’vassa slumped down beside a tree in an effort to regain his strength, and once it returned, he’d explore it to his heart’s content.

Once he was finally able to recover and begin exploring, he had made his way towards a nearby city, but froze upon arriving at the city gates. In the many long centuries he’s lived, he’s never, ever seen a city nearly as large. The Imperial City, Solitude, Torval, all of it seemed tiny in comparison; he quickly found himself overwhelmed by the sight and briefly returned to the forest to collect his composure. He knelt beside a small lake, using the gentle sounds of the water to relax himself, though as he was relaxing, he had been approached by an unusual creature that appeared to take an interest in him. It wasn’t too uncommon for wild animals to approach him, as many often came to him for both peaceful and not so peaceful reasons. Bear and saber cat attacks were common, but he occasionally found himself attempting to attract wild rabbits and foxes to his side purely in an effort to pet them, the odd creature that approached him was no exception.

Strange as it was, Ja’vassa found himself enamored by it and attempted to touch it, but the unusual animal was a little shy of him, keeping its distance. Slightly disappointed, he’d shrug it off and attempt to approach the city once more, but as he entered the city gates, he found himself receiving strange looks with few people willing to speak with him. Being unable to receive any information, he decided to return to the crash site to try and figure things out. He couldn’t employ his Alter Body spell, since he was incapable of changing his racial appearance, as he rested by the ship with his journal in hand, the odd creature had joined him, seemingly studying the Khajiit in an effort to learn if he was hostile or not. After determining that Ja’vassa was friendly, it approached, allowing itself to be pet by the Dragonborn. Slightly enamored by the little animal, he decided to ignore his writing for a bit and focus on the creature, thinking that perhaps it would give him some ideas.

So, in this plot, it involves Ja’vassa accidentally becoming shipwrecked in the Pokemon universe following an experiment. At first, he’s only able to befriend [Pokemon - Listed Below], seeing as he’s not able to get much help from the locals in [local city], at least this is until Y/C comes to investigate the crash site, meeting with the Dragonborn. Understandably, Y/C is a little suspicious about the six foot tall, talking catman, but after speaking with him, they discover that Ja’vassa isn’t here for malicious reasons. Y/C teaches him about the world around him and winds up convincing him to join them on a journey around [region]. Ja’vassa becomes massively interested in the prospect of training these strange creatures, but has little interest in the competitive side of things, aiming to befriend Pokemon just for the fun of it. He’ll partake in battles if he has to, but would prefer not to, as he claims he’s done more than enough fighting back home.

In the Pokemon universe, Ja’vassa’s team will vary from region to region, but down below will be the ones he’ll always have, often being his starter. Regions can be discussed prior to play, but Unova, Sinnoh, and Johto get priority. Regardless of what region will be used, AHO will serve as his base of operations and his home. Ja’vassa is unlikely to partake in any battles unless he absolutely has to, largely serving as a mentor of sorts to whoever he travels with, offering advice regarding adventuring and survival, even if he knows little about the new world.

Kanto: Nidoran-M/F (Varies from RP to RP)
Johto: Pichu
Hoenn: Ralts
Sinnoh: Cherubi
Unova: Purrloin
Kalos: Espurr
Alola: Popplio
Galar: Snom
Paldea: Wattrel


In the months that followed an unusual attack on the Dragon’s Keep Academy by an even stranger Redguard assailant, the legendary Dragonborn had found himself stuck in a world not his own, removed from everything he had known and loved. At first, it was easy to assume that he somehow was dropped in Akavir, but he quickly discovered that he wasn’t on Nirn anymore, or even in Oblivion for that matter. The world he was thrust into was strikingly similar to Akavir in terms of the general architecture that dotted the landscape as well as the equipment used by the locals. Fortunately, due to Ja’vassa’s own reverence for Akaviri culture, he was able to blend in relatively easily without many problems. Unfortunately, shortly after he was dropped into this world, he found that his recall magic didn’t seem to work like it should. Every other spell in his arsenal worked flawlessly, but any attempt to use his recall magic resulted in an explosion that, while it didn’t hurt him, caused massive confusion. For the foreseeable future until he could figure out just what was happening, he found himself trapped.

It took some time, but with the help of some kind hearted locals, he was able to learn the language* and more effectively blend in with this country’s culture. Like anywhere else, while he lived here, he’d need to find a stable income. Learning to speak and read the language was one thing, but learning to write it would be another thing entirely, so selling poetry, research journals, or other sources of writing was off the table and so, he turned to the mercenary lifestyle once more. By this point, he had largely retired from the scene and remained focused on teaching his students at the academy, but considering that he was far from Dragon’s Keep, that wouldn’t be possible. He took on any and all jobs that he could, many of them involved him wiping out a tribe of bandits nearby or slaying demons that were causing the local villages trouble. Prior to arriving in Japan, the Dragonborn had crafted a special set of armor based upon what he had learned about what Akaviri generals had worn.

The armor was strong and sturdy, but not too heavy, and was white as snow boasting powerful enchantments. Alongside the armor, he crafted a specially enchanted katana he named the White Fang to serve as his main weapon, so he’d still regularly employ Goldbrand in many of his battles. To his employers, enemies, and locals, he had become known as the White Samurai renowned for his skill and ferocity in battle; with many bandit tribes fearing his approach. He was infamous for quite literally tearing his enemies to pieces or simply burning their bodies beyond recognition, though many considered this to be unsurprising considering they assumed he himself was a powerful demon. Nearly two years after arriving, Ja’vassa had become fairly wealthy as a result of the missions he’s undertaken, with many local lords attempting to recruit him into their armies, though he’d decline every time, preferring the freedom he had as a freelance mercenary.

With this one, it involves Ja’vassa taking up the role of a renowned mercenary following an unusual attack on his academy. Much of his story involves him attempting to figure out a way home, though taking on various jobs on the side in order to keep a stable income. He’s usually not too worried about who hires him or what they’re wanting, as long as they pay well, and because of this, he could easily be hired to go after Y/C (both OCs and canons alike) and from there, plenty of scenarios could open depending on who hired him (like Naraku, for instance) and who he’s going after. Y/C could also be hired to track him down and kill him due to the frightening reputation he’s developed, or perhaps his refusal to fight for any of the local militias that offended the lords of the land, plenty of options open up here. I’d largely prefer for the timeline to follow that of the anime/manga, though with it starting off prior to Koga’s introduction, of course this is negotiable.

*Ja’vassa might know how to speak Japanese, but his writer does not. This is merely a terrible solution to an obvious language barrier.

Fullmetal Alchemist

In an effort to teach his daughters more about the world of alchemy, Ja’vassa that perhaps it was time to move beyond Nirn and look into the more exotic ingredients that the various realms of Oblivion had to offer, and he was particularly interested in visiting the realm of Peryite. Being the lord of disease and plague, he had no doubt that the Pits would be a prime location to search for ingredients that could be turned into deadly poisons, however, due to Ja’vassa’s limited interactions with the prince, arriving in the Pits would be difficult. He visited various shrines across Tamriel, but none of the worshipers present were willing to help him with the matter, leading him to take matters in his own hands. He returned to his home of Rkung-Zel and began to set up various daedric runes, with the one in the center spelling out ALCHEMY in daedric letters; he did this in a similar manner to the other portals he’s set up in the center. To his surprise, and his relief, he was able to successfully open up the portal and with his daughters following close behind him, they stepped through it in order to begin their research expedition.

Opening the portal would just be the first mistake Ja’vassa made, the second would be actually entering it, as soon after they entered, he was confronted by a strange, elderly looking man. On the surface, he seemed like any ordinary old man; well groomed and well taken care of, but there was something about him that caused all three Khajiit to shiver slightly. It was as if there were hordes of people crawling inside him. Unfortunately, the portal quickly closed behind them, leaving them stranded in this unusual world. Alongside the strange man were a group of equally strange people; an obese, dimwitted looking man, a scantily clad woman with a tattoo resting above an impressively sized chest, and an adrogynous teen staring at him a mixture of indifference and annoyance. They seemed upset with him for intruding upon his home and were likely to attack at any second, though Ja’vassa was more than confident that he’d be able to easily defeat them on his own, the elderly man took an interest in him, his unusual armor and weapons, and of course, his impressive entrance. Rather than ordering an attack on him, out of nowhere, the woman managed to pin his daughters against the wall, threatening to murder them if didn’t listen to them.

In most cases, the Dragonborn would’ve flipped out and attacked them in a cold blooded rage, but he held himself back out of concern for his children, he could lose them as he had so many others. After talking for a little while, the old man had given him a new proposal; in exchange for the safety of his daughters, he’d work for his group. Do what they say and his daughters would survive, though they’d be taken in as hostages, or he could refuse and watch as Lust tore them to pieces or as Gluttony devoured them. Seeing no other option, Ja’vassa ultimately agreed to the proposal and became an unwilling servant to the strange man. From here on out, Ja’vassa would be known as an experimental chimera created by the military after studying the research notes Shou Tucker left behind. He was sent off to serve as an assistant to Wrath, who eventually found another assignment that would better suit this feline warrior. Rather than serving as his personal assistant, he was assigned to be the personal bodyguard of the Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother, believing that following their latest fiasco at the Fifth Laboratory, they’d need someone to keep an eye on them. Wrath refused to explain why, only mentioning that the siblings were important to the military. Not in a position to argue, he simply took the new assignment and would be hell bent on ensuring that the brothers would be safe and sound, even if he and the Fullmetal Alchemist frequently butted heads.

In this plot, Ja’vassa becomes the unwilling bodyguard of the Elric brothers, accompanying them on their journey to recover their bodies. He’s responsible for ensuring that they’d be safe in deadly encounters and to ensure that they wouldn’t see anything they weren’t supposed to. The story would start between the events in the Fifth Lab and the death of the original Greed, with it largely following along the manga/Brotherhood’s timeline.

Fire Emblem


Though the Dragonborn was largely focused on his role as the headmaster at Dragon’s Keep Academy, he had never once turned down an assignment given to him from his lord, Hermaeus Mora. Nearly twenty years after the academy’s foundation and long after his daughters had left for their own journeys, he had been contacted by the Prince of Fate who ordered him to come to the summit where he defeated Miraak for a new mission, one that he believed Ja’vassa would not only excel in, but thoroughly enjoy. After arriving in Apocrypha as ordered, Hermaeus Mora explained that he would be sending the Khajiit into a brand new realm recently discovered through means he neglected to mention. Ja’vassa would enter the portal and seek out any form of knowledge he could acquire. Journals, books,scrolls, stone tablets, anything would do; their value being of little consequence, just the fact that they’ve evaded his grasps for so long was enough to make the prince salivate at the very thought of adding them to his library.

Despite his loyalty and refusal to turn down a task given to him, Ja’vassa was hesitant to accept it considering his duties back at the academy. Fortunately, the latest school year had recently ended, giving him plenty of time, but there was no guarantee he’d be back in Skyrim before he’d need to begin preparing for the incoming wave of students. Ultimately, after doing some heavy thinking, he accepted the mission and was sent through the gateway, landing in a massive desert. He initially expected a nice and easy research mission, but instead found himself caught up in a massive battle between opposing armies. It wasn’t clear to him which side was the ‘good’ side and which one was the ‘bad’ side. Fortunately for him, even with his rather impressive entrance, neither side seemed to have noticed him and he decided to stick back to watch the conflict, eager to figure out what they were fighting about.

Though he watched intently, he wasn’t able to figure out the cause for such a brutal conflict and for the most part, he had no intention to get himself involved in a war that wasn’t his, but the arrival of a strange girl and an older looking mercenary forced him to step in when it seemed they were going to be killed. He didn’t know why, but he felt an odd connection to the girl and seemingly on instinct, he intervened just as it seemed she and her companion would be killed. Still unsure of which side was the good side, his instincts led him to attacking the army in red. After they had been dealt with, he tended to the wounds of his unexpected companions and was eventually called upon to explain who and what he was. Understandably, the newly introduced Shepherds were a little skeptical about him, but they could easily make good use of someone with his skills, so they decided to recruit him. Seeing as he knew nothing about the world, this offer of recruitment could be a great way to learn about it and obtain the knowledge his lord desires.

He had little interest in joining a war he had no business being part of, but this was his best opportunity to both finish his mission and make some gold while in this world. Ultimately, he accepted the proposal and joined the Ylissean army, helping them in their plight against the Plegians. His powerful sorcery and deadly swordsmanship were a huge asset to the Shepherds, quickly allowing him to become one of the group’s most dependable soldiers. During this time, he found himself growing especially close to the girl he rescued in the desert; the two of them had essentially grown inseparable, with them doing practically everything together. They ate, fought, slept, and even bathed together. While it was quite obvious the two were deeply in love with each other, Ja’vassa hadn’t seemed to be aware of his feelings and was oblivious to Nowi’s own advances. Frustrating as it was for Nowi, and for anyone watching, the two remained extremely close, and their relationship would only grow stronger as the war progressed. Following the end of the war, Ja’vassa finally realized his feelings for the manakete following a chat with Princess Lissa.

During a party that celebrated the end of the war, Ja’vassa confessed his love to Nowi, but also reminded her of the fact that he’d eventually have to return to Skyrim. It didn’t seem that his eventual return home mattered to her as she was more than happy to become his partner. After sharing their first kiss, the only unbreakable bond only seemed to grow closer. Nowi was his first partner since Armani, whom he married nearly two thousand years prior to meeting the manakete. Due to past experiences and his own insecurities, he became extremely protective of Nowi, aiming to do whatever he could to ensure that she was safe and happy. During this time, he had managed to set up a Milestone in the Ylissean palace, giving him and his Shepherds easy access to Rkung-Zel in case they needed something. During the years following the war, Ja’vassa and Nowi made regular trips between Skyrim and Ylisse, with the Dragonborn resuming his duties as a teacher at the academy while occasionally returning to Ylisse to take care of the research his lord had ordered him to do.

With this one, Ja’vassa winds up joining the Shepherds following his arrival, using them as a source of income and in order to accomplish the task Hermaeus Mora had given him. This’ll take place in between the end of the Plegian War and the start of the Valmese Invasion. The Dragonborn will exclusively be in a relationship with Nowi and Nah will eventually come into the picture as she would in the game itself. I'd adore for someone to take the role of Nowi and/or Nah, but it's not required.

Fates: Conquest

Following one of his experiments that was intended to have brought him to a realm of Oblivion, Ja’vassa’s experiment was a smashing success despite what the outcome might suggest. He intended to visit Oblivion with the goals of collecting rare, hard to find alchemical or smithing ingredients, but upon entering the portal he had created, he quickly found himself stuck. To make matters worse, this wasn’t one of the quiet, peaceful realms, he found himself stuck in the Deadlands, the realm of destruction ruled over by Mehrunes Dagon. For well over a century, the Dragonborn spent much of his time fighting and hiding, using the few moments of rest to communicate with his companions in Rkung-Zel, though they weren’t able to do much beyond sending him various materials and ingredients he’d use to try and open a new portal, though given the rarity of some of things he needed, they weren’t able to get everything. This forced him to make use of what they were able to obtain in Skyrim and combine them with items he found in the Deadlands. During this time, he never once encountered Dagon himself, though he always assumed that the Prince was watching his struggle.

In a rare moment of peace, Ja'vassa was able to draw up some runes and set the necessary materials where they needed to be, and with little hesitation, he jumped through the portal once it opened. Unfortunately, he still wasn’t back home in Skyrim, but rather, found himself in a dark, rather depressing looking castle. It may not have been home, but it was a relief to have escaped Oblivion after being stuck for so long. The inhabitants were understandably suspicious of him at first, especially the King who accused him of being a Hoshidan spy and threatened him with execution, but the young prince stood up in his defense. In order to prove his sincerity, and with the promise of helping him get home, the King ordered him to join the prince on a special mission. If they succeeded, then they’d help him return to Skyrim, if they failed they’d be executed on the spot.

Seeing few other options, Ja’vassa accepted and joined Corrin on his mission to put down the rebellion in the north. Unsurprisingly, after they reported their success, the King still didn’t particularly trust him and sent him along with Corrin’s army to take care of various other missions. During this time, Ja’vassa found himself growing rather fond of his new allies, particularly of a dark mage named Nyx. The two shared a mutual love of magic, their research, and found themselves in a similar situation in which neither of them aged like normal, though only one of them took up the condition voluntarily. During the course of the war he had no business being part of, he found himself not only growing closer to Nyx, but also found himself falling deeply in love with her. Following the conclusion of the war, the two of them began a relationship and decided they’d spend as much time as they could with each other, though a new dilemma appeared. Ja’vassa eventually discovered a way back to Skyrim, but after a century away from his home, a lot had changed. His daughters had since passed away and again, he wasn’t there to say goodbye. Dragon’s Keep Academy had since gone under, students and staff alike abandoned it, only for it to eventually be taken over by Imperial forces. Rkung-Zel may have been the only thing that was still the same. Ultimately, this led the Dragonborn to remain in Nohr to begin a new life with his new partner

Like with Awakening, this AU follows along Conquest’s storyline, shortly after Corrin’s return from Hoshido. Ja’vassa will exclusively be in a relationship with Nyx. I'd love for someone to take the role of Nyx, but again, this isn't required.


While on a routine trip from the city of Dawnstar to the city of Torval, Ja’vassa had become slightly distracted by an unusual sight as he sailed past the coast of Valenwood. A strange, shimmering light in the distance caught his attention and strangely, it seemed to call to him. He intended to reach Torval soon, but something was preventing from just moving on. He figured that a few hours wouldn’t hurt, it’s not like his merchandise would spoil or that it’d be going anywhere. He docked on the empty shorelines and continued to approach the light, soon discovering that this unusual source of light was actually a portal, vaguely similar to the ones used during the Oblivion Crisis. This was slightly concerning, but he wrote it off as the work of a daedric cultist, but with nobody in the vicinity, that seemed unlikely. Whatever it was, it could become a massive problem if left unchecked, so he decided to enter the portal to investigate it. This turned out to be a massive mistake as the portal quickly closed behind him and he soon found himself stuck in Oblivion. None of his recall spells seemed to be functioning, but he at least still had access to the void storage that connected him to Rkung-Zel. After aimlessly wandering the seemingly endless forest for a short while, he came face to face with Hircine, the Daedric Lord of the Hunt who’d welcome him to his realm and explain that now, like anyone who enters the Hunting Grounds, would be prey for his hunters and the beasts that roam about, but he offered to give Ja’vassa plenty of time to prepare. For the next fifteen years, Ja’vassa found himself stuck in what was essentially a big game of cat and mouse, only with him being the mouse. Thanks to some careful coordination between him and Rkung-Zel, they were able to collect enough material to be able to build a new portal, but with few opportunities to rest, Ja’vassa didn’t get much of a chance to properly build the runes. While it was enough to open the portal, he wouldn’t be able to return to Tamriel just yet.

Though disappointed not to be back home, he was relieved to no longer be in Oblivion. Upon arriving in the new world, he found himself in a large, beautiful palace and was greeted by the apparent queen. She was understandably distrustful of the intruder, but after listening to him, she decided to help him out. Queen Mikoto gave him a room to get some rest in and offered him a warm meal; a home cooked meal like this was something he didn’t realize he missed so much. The kindness from the queen and her children was a nice change of pace from the constant fighting in Oblivion, but this wouldn’t last. After joining the other Hoshidan royals at the nearby festival, disaster struck and dragged them into a battle, soon escalating in them recruiting Ja’vassa to join in their war against their neighbors. Though he had no business being part of a new war, it might’ve been his best chance to return home. During the course of war, he and another reluctant warrior named Mozu began to grow close to each other, becoming nearly inseparable. Eventually, the pair had entered a romantic relationship with plans to marry after the war ended. By this time, his daughters had since grown up and left for their own adventures. Dragon’s Keep Academy was holding on strong thanks to his followers in Rkung-Zel, and after a long discussion with Corrin and Mozu, Ja’vassa decided to set up a Milestone in the Hoshidan castle to connect it to Rkung-Zel in order to travel to between the two realms.

Like with the others, this one largely follows along the storyline of Birthright, shortly before Corrin is forced to choose between Hoshido and Nohr. Ja’vassa will exclusively be in a relationship with Mozu. Feel free to take the role of Mozu if you want.


His children had long since grown up and left for journeys of their own, his daily work as a teacher at the Dragon’s Keep Academy had begun to grow dull, and his desire for adventure and excitement grew ever stronger. He had his duties at both the academy and in Rkung-Zel, but he wanted more. He wanted to return to the roads that he so dearly loved, and eventually, the Dragonborn decided that he’d resign as headmaster, leaving it to someone just as capable as he was. After finally leaving the academy, all that was left was to figure out what he’d do with his hidden fortress; it could still be used as his home for when he’d return from his trips, but it was very likely that he could be gone for days, weeks, even months at a time, so perhaps it was best to leave it behind him. He’d discuss this with his servants and companions that lived with him in his great fortress. They made it clear that Rkung-Zel was his, regardless if he was gone for just a couple of days or for a couple of years.

With their words in his mind, Ja’vassa headed off in search of new adventures. His first journey led him to a seemingly quiet, abandoned cave, though he quickly discovered that it was home to hordes of Falmer and their insect pets. Fortunately for him, he had more than enough experience dealing with them to easily dispatch them as he traveled further into the winding tunnels. As he traveled deeper, he ran in less and less of the expected Falmer until eventually, he ran into an unusual looking door, completely devoid of features. Despite its rather dull, uninteresting appearance, Ja’vassa became incredibly curious and decided to enter it. Opening it kicked up perhaps centuries worth of dust, with the Dragonborn potentially being the first to open it in centuries, perhaps thousands of years. Behind it was an incredibly expansive staircase that seemed to go a long way down. A bad feeling built up in his gut, but his curiosity refused to let him turn and leave the site, forcing him to travel down the stairs. It was difficult to tell how many days went by as he wandered down the winding stairs, but it was obvious to him that he had spent a great deal of time. As he finally reached the bottom, he discovered an unusual looking light source.

The uneasy feeling in his gut grew stronger, but so did his curiosity. As he got closer to the light, he could feel a strange, surprisingly gentle and inviting wind flowing from it. This indicated that the light was some sort of gateway, but there was no telling where it’d take him. His mind was screaming at him to leave and return to the surface, but his curiosity again got the best of him, causing him to step through it. As the light enveloped him, he’d unexpectedly find himself in a new world, standing outside a fortress of injured warriors. Expectedly, the group tending to the fortress were surprised to see a new visitor and were a little wary of him, but Ja’vassa quickly proved himself as he offered to help heal their injured companions. As he aided in healing them, he learned of the difficult choice that Prince Corrin had made by betraying both of his kingdoms. Though he had little interest in joining another war, he saw this as a way to fulfill his desire for adventure, at least for a while. Over the course of the war, Ja’vassa grew close to another soldier, a talented swordfighter named Hana. They had developed a bond based upon their joint training exercises, with her learning all kinds of techniques from the Khajiit. This relationship eventually evolved into a romantic one, with them planning to marry after the war.

As with the others, this plot follows along the main story of Revelations, shortly after Corrin flees the battlefield. Ja’vassa will exclusively be in a relationship with Hana.

The Owl House

As with any mage, Ja’vassa is always looking for new sources of inspiration and new ways to improve upon his magic, and he’s always teaching his daughters as much as he can about the arcane arts. Now that Dragon’s Keep Academy was out of session for the rest of the year, he could focus on privately teaching with his children, showing them various applications of the spells he’s taught them away from the prying eyes of the Imperials who monitored the school. Eventually, he wanted to show them some of the realms of Oblivion; teaching them how to create a portal, what to keep an eye out for, and how to return to the mortal realm. His initial demonstration was largely successful, though instead of being brought to Oblivion like planned, a mistake in the runes led him to somewhere entirely different, a land filled with strange inhabitants. Unsure of where they are and with the portal closing behind them, they began to explore their new surroundings, eventually meeting with an unusual merchant. At first, the merchant attempted to scam him, but was eventually convinced to give him a little information, explaining that they were now in the Boiling Isles.

While the pair conversed, the woman’s own apprentice had approached them, immediately becoming fascinated with the large felines. The girl and his daughters found themselves getting along surprisingly well, eventually leading them to join her and the merchant back at their home where Ja’vassa would explain where they came from and what they were doing. Though warned to be wary of the Emperor, Ja’vassa and his daughters began to learn magic from Eda and in return, Luz learned about alchemy from the Khajiit.

This plot loosely follows along the main storyline of the Owl House, with Ja’vassa and his daughters becoming close friends of Luz and her companions.
Magic 50%
Magic is rare, but not unheard of. Mundane characters may or may not believe in it. Magical characters may form small and exclusive pockets for study, protection, etc.
Technology 50%
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 50%
Romance is desired but not required, and will balance evenly with other plot.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

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