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This is a really minor little thing but I wanted to put it up for consideration... since we can get mushrooms and leaves to decorate our profiles in autumn, it would be so cute if we could get cherry blossoms or petals in the spring!
Also for your consideration: flower petal throwables (whether cherry blossoms or something else.)
That's it, that's the post. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.
They aren't Cherry Blossoms, but..

craft-petals-icon.png Hibiscus Petals exist!!

You can find a plenty of free ones here: :)
Ultimate.Gaymer Topic Starter

Hibiscus petals do definitely exist, yes. Not at all the same vibe in my opinion, but still pretty :)
(Even if cherry blossoms don't become a thing, I will cherish my sakura cappuccino <3 I'd just love more items to bring in the springtime vibes, since fall got mushrooms and leaves. I love fall so much, but spring is underappreciated <3)

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