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Antec Vasdisin (played anonymously)

As people traveled through the Alstellt woods they'd notice things swirling in the air, Fae spirits appearing in the mortal realm. The paths changing as the world was reshaped to be more hospitable to Fae visitors, or was it the pair of planes being linked temporarily, noone quite knows how it works but with this time of year being one of those times where the veil between planes was weakest it wouldn't be unusual for such a thing to happen with enough force behind the will to do so. The temporary Paths that appeared all boasted what looked like souls of the recently deceased, all pacified but still creepy none-the-less. As one went further down the new paths they'd find 'decorations' trees shaping into the shape of fairy tale monsters that somewhat moved, bushes growing gnarly thorns that feigned aggression, and finally the otherworldly lights that the most knowledgeable would recognize as a sort of servitor Fae linked to the cycle of death.

At the end of the path would be a huge hill, more gnarly thorn bearing bushes and vines, large ghost faced trees, pools of suspicious ooze that gave off a rather creepy simulacrum effect. The hill had a large triangular door put into it with no windows viewing out or in what-so-ever. The door had a message carved into it that seemed to shift before the eye to from an unrecognizable language to most to the language they were most versed in. It read as follows 'Death is but a transitory state, life is a blink, knock without fear and reap the rewards of bravery. Fearful knocks will not receive as great a reward.' Those who did not flee would notice that the door was all wood but one part of it was a pure white circle of wood with a swirl pattern in it at about knock height.
Smiley (played anonymously)

Walking on the path, Smiley looked at all the shapes, figures that were meant to instill unease in those who looked at them. The Code Mistake, however, hadn't felt fear, she simply wondered how these things came into existence.

As she approached the door, a pillowcase appeared in her hands which opened to an endless void. She knocked on the door with confidence, a little worried that she'd glitch up the door as she touched it.
Antec Vasdisin (played anonymously) Topic Starter

The door shimmers on the knock shifting colors for a moment as the dweller of the area opened the door, the large being looked down to her, willing the plane to change each time it was glitched, it was almost as if the realm responded to this being's whims. The being spoke and the area around him reverberated with his voice "A confident knock, The court of Death respects those who fear not death but accept it as transitory. As a reward for this acceptance and not fearing death for death's sake." It reached out within the hill dwelling and pulled out one thing, then another. The first being a black and blood red dagger, the metal was otherworldly and gave off an aura of unease, the second was small and looked to be a piece of candy with a golden hue "The reward offered is a choice between a court guard's dagger and a candy of beyond sight. THe candy will give the user the sight for a time, based upon their willingness to accept what they see. The dagger is of the Fae Plane but may go with it's wielder. I am Antec Vasdisin. A creature of this plane tied to the Court of Death." The lion headed being's voice was deep but not exactly threatening, though the aura around him was similar to that of the dagger.
Smiley (played anonymously)

When she saw Antec, the Code Mistake looked up at him, her face covered by the mask and censor bar. She wasn't afraid, in fact, she thought he looked pretty cool

When they were presented, Smiley looked back and forth from the dagger to the candy, she was indecisive, and making choices was incredibly hard for her. "Which one should I pick?" She asked, looking back up at him. "I.. can't pick."
Antec Vasdisin (played anonymously) Topic Starter

The being looks thoughtful "Indecision is a cause of death. I believe defense from attackers via their death is useful. If one attacks another their death or the death of their target should be assured. Though death is transient life is but a blink." He returns the candy inside his home and holds out the dagger to the being at his door.
Smiley (played anonymously)

Smiley takes the dagger from Antec. “Thank you, you’re very wise..” She replied, then blinked away, studying her newly acquired weapon.
Antec Vasdisin (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Antec watches carefully as the dagger was not subject to the will of the Fae. If her power worked on it it wouldn't be even slightly protected, the dagger itself was made of an extremely light metal, cold to the touch and deadly sharp. The big being moved about as he watched, fixing somethings in the plane of existence they were on "The candy was not of use and may be wasted if used at the wrong time."

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