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Forums » Help » How do some of the features of Epicness work?

I obviously went to take a look at the page below before coming here and posting this Forum asking for help. Perhaps Ithe answers I'm looking for are already thtere and I missed them somehow. Anyway, I decided it would be a good idea to post this and see if someone could bring light into myt eyes.

I read this:

And somehow I didn't find anything related to what's bugging my mind which is:

Page Slots: I noticed that our page slots are increasing from 5 to 7.... My doubt here is: I know that page slots also lock after Epicness expires... but how? Do the 7 slots lock, or just the 2 extra page slots we have thanks to the epicness? And if so, what will happen to my journal entries and guestbooks? Will I be able to post and edit new journal entries if I can't edit my slots?

Just to be clear. I have no complaints whatsoever about all the features that Epicness brings me. In fact, I'm very happy with it. I'm just trying to figure this out just so I know what I can count on.
You should be able to edit the first 5 pages with the 2 extras locking once epicness runs out. At least that's how I know it works for character slots.

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