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Fake Peppino (played by Taro_Nuke1)

Ah, yes. It's a rather spooky night in the Pizza Tower and everyone here was getting dressed in a halloween fashion and they're pretty much having a good time, well, escept for one person who is concentrating on hanging up the decorations for the past 2 hours. You can hear him struggling to hang them up before eventually succeeding. "Phew, took me the past two hours to hang all these up and it's finally done!" The man would say. Actually, it kinda looks good here... well uh, for some reason, he kinda hanged up a christmas stocking (which was a dumb idea that he thought up but he did it anyway because for the SAKE OF SCIEN- *take 2* for the sake of having a headstart before christmas before hit kinda forgets to hang the decorations. The man would then speak again in a exhausted tone. "Ngh.. Not gonna lie, hanging all these up alone is hard work but, gotta do it for the resturant: Peppino's Pizza 2!.. (Nothing Compares!)" That until, came to a sudden halt when he heard a person or two walking in. "Ay?"
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Azumi and her son, Ren, walked into the restaurant. This had been their third trick or treat after visiting a dragon, an arcade, and now this place. Their first two visits were a rather enjoyable experience as, at least in Azumi's eyes, Ren made new friends along the way. Her son was quite the loner, never going outside unless it is to perform physical exercises. Azumi knocked on the door then looked at Ren, expecting him to say something.

Ren sighed before unenthusiastically saying, "Trick... or treat..."
Fake Peppino (played by Taro_Nuke1) Topic Starter

The man would then turn his back before unleashing a panicked scream before realizing... "Hey, wait a second... I remember you two from the Tavern everyone else goes to relax or at least get a drink of any kind! How's it going?" The man would then puts his hands in his pockets before heading to the front desk to grab something. "Now where did i place the darn candy bowl...."
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"Oh yes! I am a regular at Trixie's bar!", Azumi giggled, "My son visits occasionally to check on me even though I always reassure him"

"That's because some people can be... unsavory", Ren groaned

"How rude of you to construe complete strangers as a threat to my safety. Did I not teach you to be nicer to others?"

Ren simply nodded, not wanting to risk another earful from his motherly familiar.

"So uh... the candy, where is it?", Ren said

"Patience my dear!"

Ren proceeded to pretend he did not hear Azumi.

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