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Each player adds one sentence to the story. Each player must wait at least one turn before going again. I'll start with the first sentence, below.


One October morning, in a land far, far away, the sun rose on a lonely little red-and-white farmhouse, surrounded, as far as the eye could see, by endless fields of.grain.
The wind would occasionally blow the trees around, making a shuffling noise with its' leaves, something that , the stepson of the farmer that lived at this farm, Louis found quite calming.
The owner of the farm did not, he found it quite annoying and distracting during his work.
The farmer didn't like much of anything, not even his stepson as crazy as it sounds. Louis hoped that one day, he could change that.
Abigail_Austin Topic Starter

The farmer, Caleb, probably knew somewhere in his subconscious mind that he shouldn't blame Louis for his mother's death, but every time he glanced at the kid, he saw her -- his gorgeous, sweet wife -- going out into the dark to look for him.
Caleb [ haha thats my name ] shivered at the thought, grumbling something under his breath as he continued with his work, already behind as was.
Louis sighed, realizing that it was probably time to start getting ready to tend to the farm, collecting eggs, milking the cows and checking on the horses and making sure they were fed.

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