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"O' soul, bound by the ashes of this land. Ascend from thy resting place. Seek the ageless halls, raise up to the sky as dark as is the lady, the gardener of the souls."

Black sisters prayer for the dead.

Im looking for someone interested to play as devout follower of the Denah, goddess of death and renewal.

The Black brothers and sisters can be found in ever large enough towns as they carry important role of guiding the souls to their final journey, giving dead their final rites, fighting agaist necromancy and undead in general. They all are known skilled with medicine and many can be found working as doctors or nurses for sick and injured. They can even assist as midwifes though some people consider that as ill omen either for the mother or the baby.

Your character can be either gender as long as is human. He/she is wandering around the country following the guidance and visions sent by the Black Lady performing all the duties what now can be expected but specially looking those sent through the visions. Most latest of these is an elderly aristocrat, rich man with money, but not with the days.
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