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Ja'vassa Anair (played by KansasVenomoth)

Nearly a decade after Ja’vassa had founded Dragon’s Keep Academy and after his children had grown old enough to leave for their own journeys, the Dragonborn had decided it was time to move on with his life. He had spent nearly two thousand years playing a dominant force in Tamriel’s politics and culture, and now it was time for him to move on. There were no longer any villains to slay, quests to undertake, treasures to be looted, and while he enjoyed his time as a teacher for Skyrim’s youth, he was ready to open the next chapter of his life and retire to a life of scholarship and study. This Khajiit may still have been known as an incredibly deadly warrior, he no longer cared for the mercenary lifestyle, even if he loved the adventures that came with it. It was now time for him to continue his pursuit of knowledge in honor of his Lord, and with this, he resigned from headmaster of Dragon’s Keep and ultimately decided he’d leave Rkung-Zel as well, leaving it and everything inside it to the ones who served him, soon heading for the Tower of Mzark where he had AHO docked, the grand Dwemer Airship would serve as his new home and base of operations, aiming to use it to store his research journals, weapons, apparel, food and everything else he might need when he’s traveling across Tamriel and for when he finally decides it’s time to travel towards Akavir.

As he traveled about, from province to province in search of knowledge, he began to explore the possibility of visiting Oblivion realms that haven’t revealed themselves to the mortal realm yet. While Akavir would provide some intriguing adventures, he admittedly found himself more interested in leaving Nirn itself, even if just temporarily. Of course, there were a few problems; traveling to Oblivion, especially uninvited, is extremely difficult, even for wizards of his caliber, and then there was also the difficulty of attempting to transport his massive airship into Oblivion with him, if that's even possible. This led him to digging up each and every single research journal of his that he could find, delving deep into various studies that involved daedric runes and portals in an effort to see if what could be done. Though, even for as isolated as Tower Mzark was, opening a massive portal in the middle of Skyrim would likely bring some unwanted attention, so he boarded AHO and set off in search of an isolated island off the coasts of Tamriel, eventually finding an uncharted island off the coast of High Rock, far enough that he’d be undisturbed while creating this portal.

Nearly a year after he discovered the island and began his experiments, he was successful in creating and opening the portal, but unfortunately, opening it required a great deal of magicka, likely meaning that once he entered, it’d be a few days before he’d be able to return, regardless of the danger. As he would with any dangerous dungeon dive, he equipped himself with his Infinity Sword and his good armor, soon entering the portal with his grand airship. However, as he entered, a new problem arose. For reasons unknown, AHO began to quickly descend towards the ground and when it seemed that disaster was swiftly approaching, Ja’vassa engaged the ship’s emergency procedures that allowed it to safely land on the ground, doing major damage to the land around it.* Fortunately for him, the pilot and its contents were relatively unharmed. The Dragonborn was slightly shaken up, and as he went outside to inspect it and assess it for any damage it may have sustained. AHO was largely undamaged, but now Ja’vassa was left with the unusual problem of being stuck in a world not his own with a ship that seemed to be out of commission for the time being. Everything on the inside was still functioning as it should, but the thrusters seemed to have been completely dead. Unsure of where he was and struck by a sudden wave of exhaustion, Ja’vassa slumped down beside a tree in an effort to regain his strength, and once it returned, he’d explore it to his heart’s content.

Once he was finally able to recover and begin exploring, he had made his way towards a nearby city, but froze upon arriving at the city gates. In the many long centuries he’s lived, he’s never, ever seen a city nearly as large. The Imperial City, Solitude, Torval, all of it seemed tiny in comparison; he quickly found himself overwhelmed by the sight and briefly returned to the forest to collect his composure. He knelt beside a small lake, using the gentle sounds of the water to relax himself, though as he was relaxing, he had been approached by an unusual creature that appeared to take an interest in him. It wasn’t too uncommon for wild animals to approach him, as many often came to him for both peaceful and not so peaceful reasons. Bear and saber cat attacks were common, but he occasionally found himself attempting to attract wild rabbits and foxes to his side purely in an effort to pet them, the odd creature that approached him was no exception.

Strange as it was, Ja’vassa found himself enamored by it and attempted to touch it, but the unusual animal was a little shy of him, keeping its distance. Slightly disappointed, he’d shrug it off and attempt to approach the city once more, but as he entered the city gates, he found himself receiving strange looks with few people willing to speak with him. Being unable to receive any information, he decided to return to the crash site to try and figure things out. He couldn’t employ his Alter Body spell, since he was incapable of changing his racial appearance, as he rested by the ship with his journal in hand, the odd creature had joined him, seemingly studying the Khajiit in an effort to learn if he was hostile or not. After determining that Ja’vassa was friendly, it approached, allowing itself to be pet by the Dragonborn. Slightly enamored by the little animal, he decided to ignore his writing for a bit and focus on the creature, thinking that perhaps it would give him some ideas.

So, in this plot, it involves Ja’vassa accidentally becoming shipwrecked in the Pokemon universe following an experiment. At first, he’s only able to befriend [Pokemon - Listed Below], seeing as he’s not able to get much help from the locals in [local city], at least this is until Y/C comes to investigate the crash site, meeting with the Dragonborn. Understandably, Y/C is a little suspicious about the six foot tall, talking catman, but after speaking with him, they discover that Ja’vassa isn’t here for malicious reasons. Y/C teaches him about the world around him and winds up convincing him to join them on a journey around [region]. Ja’vassa becomes massively interested in the prospect of training these strange creatures, but has little interest in the competitive side of things, aiming to befriend Pokemon just for the fun of it. He’ll partake in battles if he has to, but would prefer not to, as he claims he’s done more than enough fighting back home.

In the Pokemon universe, Ja’vassa’s team will vary from region to region, but down below will be the ones he’ll always have, often being his starter. Regions can be discussed prior to play, but Unova, Sinnoh, and Johto get priority. Regardless of what region will be used, AHO will serve as his base of operations and his home. Ja’vassa is unlikely to partake in any battles unless he absolutely has to, largely serving as a mentor of sorts to whoever he travels with, offering advice regarding adventuring and survival, even if he knows little about the new world. Romance is loved, but not at all required. Canon and OC trainers welcomed!

Kanto: Nidoran-M/F (Varies from RP to RP)
Johto: Pichu
Hoenn: Skitty
Sinnoh: Budew
Unova: Purrloin
Kalos: Espurr
Alola: Popplio
Galar: Snom
Paldea: Wattrel
Magic 30%
Some magic. Few can use it, but most of the players probably won't have it. Magical characters will likely believe that they are all alone.
Technology 60%
Near future, perhaps cloning and genetic manipulation
Combat 40%
Unrest may be part of the setting, but any scenes that happen to involve combat may be summarized.
Romance 40%
Romance is slightly desired, but the overall plot is more important.

Details: Occasional dice use, concise post-length, long-term RP partner preferred.

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