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I've participated for the first time in one of the biggest manga contest from Spain organized by the most known publisher in our country Norma Editorial.

And I got selected for the top 10 and finalists! Sadly now it all depends on votes and popularity to actually win the contest, and as much as I'm super happy that they noticed and picked my work, I still have a long way to go!

SO, the comic is in spanish sadly I didn't translate the pages, but you can see my pitch HERE.
And if you're curious, the rest of the entries can be found on this link too <3

Voting can be done through this link here, my comic is called "Un mar de promesas" 💕

The winner gets to publish a whole volume with the editorial, which is a huge deal and opportunity to getting for real in the industry.

Anyway! Thank you for taking the time to read through and SUPER THANK YOU if you give me a little vote to help me getting closer to my dream!

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