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Hey everyone!
I have some important questions about pet birds.
Context: My grandma has two pet birds that she got after previous owners couldn't take care of them. She has no idea how to take care of them, and I am going insane and mad every time I look at these poor feather babies in an ugly, boring cage. I am the only person around who actually will take any care of these poor birds, so I am preparing to claim them as my own.

I already got them a bigger cage, soon I may try to get a "flight cage" as well. The birds are two girls, one is a Zebra Finch, and the other one is a Rosy Bourkes Parakeet. They seem to be perfectly OK despite being different species, sometimes they nap next to each other.
Do you guys have any reliable resources where I will be able to read about them and how to care for them? They are elderly and may pass away anytime, but I want to make them as happy as possible for at least a while.

So far, I have bought small DIY wooden sticks, I am planning on building something entertaining for their cage, like a swing or a comfy house. I heard that giving birds houses and nest-like things may trigger hormonal behavior and even aggression, is that true?

I hate getting pets without preparation, but sadly, now I want to act as fast as possible. Any tips will be helpful.
Be for the best you take them in. Everything happens for a reason, so it's just the world nudging you into taking them. Best of luck.
DumboOctopus Topic Starter

UPDATE: My aunt came to the rescue and got dozens of old bird cage accesories! Currently I'm looking for pet-proofing stuff so I can open the cage daily and let the birds free roam around my room! :D

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