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I’m kinda bummed out on rp. After trying for a loooooooong time with almost no success it’s finally weighing down and beating any hope for an amazing rp again
Used to feel that way for a long time, mate, can tell you that much. That said, I've learned over time that a key to remaining stocked up on good RP is by keeping the OOC contact alive- most of my RPs that I have as of now are with people I consider friends, and even if posts aren't as frequent as with a stranger that you're trying to impress, I do consider them some of the higher quality RPs that I've had.

'Course, sometimes you gotta sacrifice some things to find people who broadly fit into your niche. I see a lot of RPers on here - I ain't saying you're among them, 'cause I don't know you or your RP preferences - that have pretty high standards and ultra-specific, sometimes unachievable standards that usually give them more disappointment than actual RPs, and if that's the case, I do encourage those people to step out 'n broaden their horizons more. It ain't easy to find partners that stick around, but if you manage to find a kindred spirit, go the extra mile & befriend them. When you trust and 'know' your writing partner, it's much easier to get through hiccups that would otherwise strand an RP and cause any partner you're less close with to just ghost because they either don't wanna communicate or don't care enough about you to.

At any rate, keep your chin up, dawg. RPs come 'n go in waves, but at the end of the day it does help to have a steady supplier for your written dose of dopamine.
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Hmmm yeah rp with a fren does make rping more fun and sometimes we figure up more plots together. Heh it’s kinda a paradox or something like that Ig, you gotta befriend a rp partner, but the problem is *finding* a good one you can get along well with
Yeah, dunno how obscure your interests are, but I know there ain't a shortage of folks who got no problem with RPing with anthro's. Got a couple of anthro characters myself so I think compared to, say, a more TTRPG-focused community, you're not in too bad of a spot to look for friends.
Felt that way for a while. Really, my problem is my health. I'd like to seek out stuff again but I'm afraid I'll end up taking an extended break due to health issues and then just never get back to someone. It's happened before, and doing people like that isn't fair to them.

Definitely agree that OOC chatter helps keep the spark alive though, If you're both excited about the others' character, you're golden.

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