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I was just wondering how to go about things. If I'm looking for an RP that focuses on a specific sexual kink, what's the best way to go about that?

I couldn't find much information when I tried looking around, but when I first joined a long time ago, I swear I remember something somewhere saying that you couldn't necessarily be "explicit" when creating your Find RP post, or something along those lines involving mentioning kinks. So like if I made a post that says I'm looking for X kind of kink, I doubt that'd be allowed, so I'm wondering how to go about things if I want to find partners for something.
Claine Moderator

Hi there :)

All posts, including those in the Adult Looking For RP forum have to adhere to a roughly PG-13 rating because simply being an adult does not mean you consent to seeing all kinds of extreme content with no warning. If you want to discuss topics that may be sensitive or extremely explicit, the best way to go about this is to place it on a character profile marked with the 'Sexuality or Nudity Warning' and tell people reading your ad that they can find further details on your profile.

This is because a user must either read and accept a warning before viewing their profile, or confirm in their Comfort and Privacy Settings that they want to waive all warnings of that type.
mrwallace888 Topic Starter

Gotcha. I remember seeing a thing that said you can make a new character profile specifically for your kink stuff and that you can link to that, but I don't know necessarily if you're allowed to post the Find RP with that character, or you have to use your user/a different character, but link to the kink sheet in the body of the post.

I did find where I originally found the information, it's in the actual 18+ RP forum, pinned regarding mature topics or whatever. I don't really check the forums very often so that's probably why I had trouble finding it. It's a good thing I asked here anyways though because that post still is slightly confusing, I'm not sure if it's due to how it's worded or what. All-in-all I want to get confirmation with stuff because I don't want to misread stuff and accidentally break the rules, you know? In other words, I'm just trying to play it safe and I want to make sure.

In the actual post, it says too you can't request to fetishize/misrepresent marginalized groups. I'd list the example groups but IDK how to spoiler on here like in the pinned post, since it's not in the format bar at the top. But regarding those groups, so what do you guys mean by fetishizing/misrepresentation?
Claine Moderator

Yes, you can post directly from profiles containing kink lists in the Adults only Looking for RP forum.

The pinned post gives some examples of groups that are covered by that rule. I can't go into too many specifics here in the public forum without being too explicit, but if you are still uncertain I'm happy to DM you with more details.

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