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Hi there! I'm Dragonfire; you may know me better as Rydia, depending on where you're coming from.

A few things about me: Head perennially in the clouds, interested in linguistics and speculative fiction, a retro-gamer and aficionado of old RPGs, often engaged in various textile arts, and can't shut up about the delicious food I am making. Whoops?

If there's anything you need help with around the RPR, please feel free to give me a shout! My inbox is always open (although reply-times are subject to be wibbly-wobbly, depending on my spoons and schedule).

Aaaand if we want to talk about things more relevant to roleplay, we can do that, too!

***A note: I am largely not taking on new roleplaying scenes at the moment, I'm afraid! I tend to go through periods where I am unable to write fiction for any great length of time, and I want to keep focus on the scenes I've already got going to be fair and kind to my current partners. Thank you for your interest, however, and please don't let that stop you from contacting me if you'd like to chat about non-in-character things!***

I tend to prefer character- and plot-driven roleplaying. Action, adventure, and drama are great! I'm pickier with romance, but open to it as well. Comedy and humour often also come up in much of my writing. Not all the time, mind - there's certainly a time and a place for it - but I'm less-inclined towards settings and situations that are unrelentingly dark and humourless.

I am very unpicky about post length; mostly I'll match whatever's going on. If you have preferences, I'll do my best to follow along to that. Please don't feel you need to 'keep up' to whatever I'm doing, too. As long as there's something in your post that I can reply to, I don't care how long it is.

I post in third-person past-tense by default, and don't mind the present tense, either. I really, really do not like playing in (or with) the first-person.

Thanks for visiting! :D

Rave Reviews

Dragonfire has always seemed like a kind soul, even though we don't interact a whole lot. In particular, she always takes a very active role in Epic Week, helping to coordinate efforts to guide the community toward victory! Sometimes that's generally providing info and discussion space, sometimes that's spending a great deal of time puzzling out riddles and codes. Dragonfire makes for an amazing ally! Helpful Creative ideas - Zelphyr
Thanks to Dragonfire for fixing my terrible grammar on a kudos I gave to another community member. Dragonfire's dedication to proper grammar in kudos post, deserves a kudos. Kudos! Kind and understanding Helpful - -Danny-

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