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Hi there!

My name is Solaris, but you can call me Sol! I've been looking for a few scenes for Adalia here, so let me give you a basic rundown of her character and some additional scene prompts.

Adalia Romanova is an FBI agent who works for the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) which is a unit that profiles and tracks down criminals (specifically serial killers). Adalia is headstrong and seems closed off, but is warmer to those she's close to. She is part of the Criminal Minds fandom, but knowledge of the fandom is not required (if I make a reference I will gladly explain and give a direct link to the wiki for what I am referencing if needed).

Now, what you are waiting for, onto the scenes! I have a bunch from different genres, so feel free to pick any one from the list or even suggest one of your own! All of these scenes could turn into romance or just flirty friends!

Rivals to Lovers:

Y/c is a new agent assigned to the Unit after Elle (a previous agent) leaves the team. Adalia was quite close to Elle, and does not take her replacement lightly. After weeks of piling work onto y/c and trying to 'break' them so they'll leave, y/c snaps at her and reminds her they are a part of this team, and aren't going anywhere. Adalia is taken aback, but after storming off and thinking about it, realizes y/c is right. Will she have the courage to admit it?

Friends to Lovers:

Adalia is a daring agent, to say the least. When she gets a lead from her technical analyst, y/c, she tries to dash from y/c's office to chase it, even though it's quite dangerous. Y/c tells them to stop and wait for backup, and before they realize, blurts out how they can't lose Adalia. More feelings are uncovered, and Adalia finds herself smiling. That doesn't happen often.

Hurt/Comfort- Friends to Lovers:

After Emily's death, Adalia closes herself off even more than usual, avoiding her team members, especially y/c who is aware she's hurting and is trying to help. Adalis brushes y/c off, and when they persist, snaps at them and runs off. Y/c has known Adalia for a while, and finds her easily hiding in JJ's empty office. Though y/c is surprised to find her crying. Y/c has rarely seen Adalia laugh, smile, or frown, and is shocked to find her breaking down in the corner of a dark office. Luckily, y/c knows just how to calm her down.

Runaway-Friends to Lovers:

After Emily's death, Adalia walks into the BAU without a single word and hands in her badge and gun. Y/c doesn't believe it, but when Adalia doesn't show up in the following days, y/c tries to track them down. Y/c is able to profile her and has success locating her, and admits they aren't ready to let Adalia go.

If any of these interest you, or if you have a scene in mind, feel free to send me a PM!

Details: Occasional dice use, paragraphs required, one-off scene.

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