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I like to mention this on RPR every so often to bring awareness to this trigger! I am emetophobic and a lot of people don't seem to warn for it or uses words in a non-emetophobic triggering way but is a emetophobic triggering word.

So, I'll be talking about emetophobia and triggers, and how they affect people.
I've put it under a collapse tag just in-case you don't want to read any further!

Emetophobia is a fear of thr*wing up and it can range from making someone have very high anxiety from making them do the said action they fear upon seeing/hearing it. Emetophobia, at least for me; this does not speak for others, the words (whether it's used referencing said trigger or not as more of a figure of speech such as word v*mit, makes me really upset and gives me not only anxiety, but if the sound or visual of it, I will actually start crying and sometimes even panic over it.!

So please, please be considerate of this thing, It is a common mistake, and it's okay to make mistakes! I know not everyone has it and cannot be fully avoided, but every little warning/spoiler tag could make a difference. <3

No matter how big or small the trigger might be, a trigger is a trigger and it should be respected and noted to bring a better experience to those on RPR and other sites even
You got it! I’ll make to trigger things from now on! Anything to make RPR a more safe, accepting place for all!

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