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Private 1x1 rp between pr1nc3sh0rtcak3 & EclipseNightStar
Star Noire (played by EclipseNightStar) Topic Starter

Star soared through the air, their large wings flapping every so often. They were in full suit while patrolling, but their mind drifted to other things plaguing their thoughts for a while. For one... they hadn't seen their 'family' or their ex-partner recently... Something must be going on.
They sighed, shaking their head. They would deal with that when needed. For now, they needed to finish their patrol and head back to their home.
But suddenly, they felt a sharp sting in one of their wings. "Starsdamnit!" They hissed in pain, looking over at the wing, which now had an arrow piercing through it.
Within a brief second, another arrow was shot into their other wing. Star winced as they tried to continue flying. It was all futile, though, as a barrage of sharper arrows was launched at them, tearing through their wings, and suit, slicing their skin as each one cut through the air. More arrows buried into Star's body as they tried to keep going no matter what.
Although they willed themself to keep flying, Star could feel their body failing, their consciousness already fading. 'Oh, sacred stars above, please help me...' They thought to themself as their strength ebbed.
And then the last bit of their strength drained away, leaving them to fall to the ground far below them...
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