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Hello! I am currently looking for diff things I could use for my chars. Like pfp art, outfits, and references. I also can't pay anyone so uh yeah QwQ""
Here are some suggestions!!

(Characters, rooms, objects, etc..)

(Me personally have not checked out, but is RPR approved)

(Me personally have not checked out, but is RPR approved)

This Person Does Not Exist
(Realistic Faceclaim Generator)

GirlsGoGames (GGG)
(Has dress-up games that might be useful!)

You can also find things on Pinterest or searching on the web, but it is not recommended as art that isn't official fandom art belongs to other people and requires permission from them, or at least some credit if nothing else.

You can also seek people who are looking to do art practice, but is very rare to see, so it's best not to rely on that alone. ;)

AI generators are also an option, but be warned that AI generators are trained by other people's art, and is technically stealing people's art to do so. But it is up to you whether you want to try using it or not. I recommend Dream AI if you do happen to use it. I haven't used it much, due to me having trouble getting it to look exactly how I want it, but it seems to do very well and doesn't look too weird like some AI generators.

here is my favorite character creator that wasn't mentioned by greg! its for cute anime style animal characters :3

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