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So, I'm really interested in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books and community. I've been playing around on the Towel Day website for years, and have always thought how cool it would be to organize an event there. So I thought, this year, what if we create a thread for art submissions and have like a little art museum based on H2G2? I don't know how well the two communities would mesh, but I think it would be cool to do an H2G2 themed or inspired art showcase or celebration and maybe a forum game or something. I'll have to work on it. But still. Thoughts?
Yes! I'm all in on this. I celebrate the holiday every year. I'm a huge Douglas Adams fan. I have a Playmobil train layout at my parents house and I made Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Marvin and the whale and have them on the board. The Arthur figure even has a towel!

Maybe we could even do a thread involving Vogans or something. That would fit very well with my character of the Operator whose world is very much inspired by the HHG.

Happy to discuss further in a private message. We definitely need to do something though! It would be awesome if we could even have a towel as an item or something for our profiles.
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Indeed! I used to use the H2G2 website but it stopped working for me, so I'm excited to find another place to potentially write articles/make poster art, and hang out with fellow fans 😁 I will message you
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Oh, you mention a towel as an item - what if we got a pinart or design an 'item', that we use as a footer? :D I'm not sure how you program a footer into posts or if that's possible with BBCode/HTML on this website, but I've seen people do it all the time on the other website I'm on <.< so it could be possible. A cute little flag, you know.

If we make an actual event of it with community members I can message the towelday website and they'll presumably post it on their page for this year's events. They've done Livestreams in the past, but that was mainly during COVID lockdown, so I don't know if they're doing anything online this year or just in person events. It would be neat to be the online event 😉
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Going to research past events and see what sort of things they've done, to both brush up on my memory and to see new things, things I haven't noticed, etc. Meanwhile considering music and streaming, or a podcast 👀 I could conduct a survey for questions and answers to discuss amongst fans of different ages, see who read the series or watched it, when and how, just the discoveries of fans, preferences, likes and dislikes, funny stories, fun facts... I've seen way too many zines not to get into this. XD

Also, have you seen the ambassador contest on Facebook? It ends April 8th. :)
Shinyrainbowlithogra Topic Starter

There are several clipart stock pictures available free of charge online. Some are pretty cute, so I might change my profile picture here to one or just keep it on copy/paste as I don't think there's a shareable program for footers/signatures. :)

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