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AnonCarp (played anonymously)


I just have a general question regarding the 'Friending function.' Or more specifically what happens when you unfriend someone. Do you still see what they post? Is there a way to stop that? (Besides straight up blocking them?)

I apologize if it sounds like a silly question.
Hmm... are you talking another user or via the character widget? I don't think you keep getting notifications unless you had subscribed to a thread they post to. You can also go into a particular notification you don't want and change the settings to not be notified. You can also go to your friends list and untick the boxes that will notify you of their activity or when they create public characters.

If you unfriend, on their end, I don't think they will know unless you block them and they can't see your profile or characters. I probably didn't answer your question, but I'm sure someone with more know-how will post here soon. :)
Kim Site Admin

No, you shouldn't still get notifications about them on your dashboard if you unfriend someone, though you may still have some old notifications cached and need to do a notification clear to have it pull a new set of history.

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