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okay so i've been thinking about asking to join roleplays, but occasionally i'll join one and get bored and decide i'm not in the mood to anymore, but like, i don't know how the culture is around that here, because on some websites people can just stop replying and thats fine and dandy, is this fine if i just communicate this? are there any other unspoken rules? i'm so worried about breaking one i'm just kinda anxiously watching roleplay topics i'm interested in without saying anything really
I am a person who really loves and appreciates IC and OOC communication. I appreciate when someone checks in, even after some time has passed. I can get closure from someone just checking in.
Especially if they aren't feeling the RP and they want to stop. In this way if I get a communication of "let's end this", I'm not HOPING for something that isn't gonna come. I could also get over myself and ask, and I have to accept if they answer is a "No thanks" or even nothing at all.

As an adult with a job and a house and like... family drama and meds and home repairs and other things??? Realistically? I can't DEMAND or be MAD... if someone isn't feeling an RP, something in their life comes up, they get bored, we realize we don't mesh... There's a lot of things that can happen.

I really look for someone who meshes up front. before becoming quickly obsessed (LOL).
Sometimes I still make a bad choice. And maybe sometimes our OOC vibes are different?

My feelings get hurt sometimes, but, I can't make that someone's problem.
I can take a minute, remember it's probably something totally beyond me, and if it is and they didn't want to talk about it to fix the issue or.... whatever? Like, that's on them.

SO, I try to operate on a polite and respectful communication.
I try to be clear about what I want and like and expect. and I try to work with my partner if we have differences.

I'd rather move on from someone who doesn't want to play to look for someone who is a better fit to me.
Claine Moderator

It varies from user to user. Some people explicitly state in their profiles that they are ghost friendly while others specify that they expect responses within certain time frames.

Whatever the case, our very first rule is "Be Nice". It is not acceptable to be abusive, demeaning or insulting to your partner for any reason. If your partner is harrassing you for not responding as quickly as they hoped, please press the "Request Mod" button on the DM, and we'll take a look at the situation.
I think that setting that expectation upfront before you start the RP with people tends to help. I like to send people notice if I have to drop out after an RP has started mostly because it's polite. And who knows, maybe telling people why you are no longer interested can help push your RP toward something you would prefer. Open communication is always a plus!

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